An approach to managing reform initiatives, pioneered in the United Kingdom, has had significant impact in a number of other countries around the globe. Read “Deliverology A Field Guide For Educational Leaders” by Sir Michael Barber with Rakuten Kobo. A step-by-step approach to delivering results Michael . “Michael Barber outlines the steps that will enable courageous education leaders around the country to execute their plans and bridge the gap between hope.

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The Changing Landscape of School Leadership. Seliverology education reform case studies from more than 20 countries, the authors assert that most previous reforms were unsuccessful due to failed implementation.

This unit will be the primary source of a new delivery culture that is characterized by five words: The person or group of people who are responsible for driving the achievement of the system aspiration, no matter what.

His delivery contains bold, inspiring, crystal clear ideas, never more timely than today. A person who is the ultimate beneficiary of a system’s services.

Deliverology 101 : A Field Guide For Educational Leaders

In the United 1101, Antonio Villaraigosa, the mayor of Los Angeles, created a performance management unit modeled on the British experience; Martin O’Malley, governor of Maryland, is moving in the same direction; and Jeff Zients, chief performance officer in the U. And Deliverology does not work. The strategic plan for Montgomery County Public Schools.

With a small and fantastically talented team, I set about this task.

Deliverology : Michael Barber :

The level of your system at which you choose to examine performance. Speech given to the House of Commons. The entity that is providing public services, setting an aspiration, and attempting to deliver the aspiration.


This is a book for people who want to get things done in government; who are as interested in the question how? Why we love a good yarn. Retrieved July 2,from http: Every government aspires to deliver improved performance without commensurate increases in taxation.

A nation at risk: The difference, as measured by the target metric, between the target and the level of performance you have today. Create an Irreversible Delivery Culture 5A. To get your bearings, Module 1B, Review the current state of delivery, will help you understand what parts of the field guide are most relevant for your system dekiverology sequence the activities in your delivery effort accordingly.

A communication event is defined by the answers to five questions, which conform to an overall messaging plan for each stakeholder over time: K—12 and public higher education, then read on.

The Inclusion Revolution Is Now. A positive brand will help people to understand your Delivery Unit, to feel positive about your work, and to want to cooperate with you. As I say, there’s no need to read it if you want business as usual; but if you want to seize the new day, read on dekiverology it would be fatal to let it slip.

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Ideally, this rubric should be completed by the team to help identify the areas where the system has strengths in delivery capacity and the areas in which it has to improve. He is a frequent commentator delivefology education sector conferences and publications.


Barber has been a professor at the Insitute of Education, University of London.

Sincehe has worked exclusively with education clients—large urban districts, state education departments, national foundations and nonprofits, and private sector companies—on large-scale reform and key strategic efforts. Over deliveroology, your experiences will serve to update this field guide and to add to the library of case studies that inform its approach.

A calculated bounce often takes the form of a public delivsrology. A specific step that must be taken, with a timeline, toward achieving a milestone in a delivery plan. Sustain and Continually Build Momentum 5. In addition to the authors, Alys Barber proofread the text and made possible numerous minor improvements. Sustain and Continually Build Momentum Chapter 5: It sounds like somebody owns the humans.

SAGE Books – Deliverology A Field Guide for Educational Leaders

His analysis of deliverlogy first term in office suggested that the British people liked his agenda for education, health, and policing but were disappointed that his ideas had not yet been translated into change on the ground. The potential for system actors to execute system activities successfully. Ten Skills of Highly Effective Principals. Establish a guiding coalition. Produce Delivery Plans 4. Andy was an elementary school teacher in Houston, Texas, from — as a corps member of Teach For America.

Knowing the nature of the problem you face will be crucial to success.

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