When I read Meljean Brook’s Demon Angel, I was riveted by the first half of the As in Demon Angel, the romance in Demon Moon is all about. DEMON MOON is the fourth story in the Guardian series, and the second full- length book. It takes place in modern-day San Francisco, eight months after the. I’ve had a couple of readers mention that they’ve had a hard time finding new, readily available print copies of Demon Moon from online stores.

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Meljean was raised in the middle of the woods, and hid under her blankets at night with fairy tales, comic books, and romances.

Hence, it’s not you it’s me. Accept Reject Read More.

Demon Moon (The Guardians, #2) by Meljean Brook

Colin tells Savi about his sister and Anthony and how they “died”: There are also vampires, nosferatu, hellhounds, and some high level badguys all named after some incarnation of the devil. These facts not only prevent Colin from making Savi his regular food source for she is human, but both his blood, and Savi’s now tainted blood, prevent him from transforming her into a vampire.

If I had not gone back to read the short stories, I’d have been annoyed, feeling as if I was missing some brooi, throughout this book. But in any case, what Colin lost was detrimental and he could have turned into a very evil brooj but luckily for him, he was and still is surrounded by people who care and who give him strength. And called up Chaos. Intriguingly, Colin’s blood is tainted so that if anyone drinks from him, they will die.


Hated the writing, the dialogues discussions mekjean stop abruptly and explanations that make no sense except to yogi mastersthe interminable details and the execution of the worldbuilding Brook had in mind: I’m in awe that Brook took two demno unusual characters and let them each grow remon shape their individuality with passion and an all consuming love.

He takes being a martyr to the nth degree and boy, did that ever get old. What made me uneasy was the parts where Lilith called Lucifer father, and talked about obeying and serving him.

Although there are other things going on around them.

Demon Moon

Also, the heroine is invariably A Strong Female. This book is explosive in so many ways. His blood also prevents him from having a consort for another cannot drink from him without dying soon after. Guardian Demon by Meljean Brook. Given the choice, he wanted her to stay the exact same. The characters are outstanding.

May 16, Circuit rated it liked it Shelves: I was totally hooked to this book for the the first half of it. But when deadly creatures from the Chaos realm […]. View all 8 comments.

Retro Review: Demon Moon by Meljean Brook – Book Binge

I’ve written a guide to the world including a map on my website. I could not stand Hugh’s character. And even though Lilit 3. He was turned over cemon month using nosferatu blood; anyone who drinks from him dies horribly.

Sometimes I struggled to be sure just what was going on – especially with all the bargains and wagers and complicated motivations floating around – and I remain unsure if that was my lack of understanding or the auhtor’s lack of clarity. I like that Colin, Hugh and Lilith are so crabby with one another. Not just because she was Indian, though the cultural elements of her story were interesting… but that she was admittedly a bit promiscuous in her past; that she was kind of a video game geek; that she was wealthy and successful and independent, but that she was willing to enter into an arranged marriage to please her grandmother.


If I’m being honest, the premise also made me uncomfortable. The frontrunner is the war going on between the demons in hell and the guardians in heaven who watch over the humans of earth. Other books in the series.

If I was watching it on a screen in front of me it’d be fabulous. April 19, Dear Missy, will you please answer Maya M.

There is an instant attraction between them, though they both fight it. Hugh is unpredictable and drmon to the jaded Lilith and Lilith’s wickedness, humor and wisp of hidden vulnerablility captures Hugh.

The passage of unimaginable time is depicted clearly with the incredible growth of the novel’s characters.

What redeemed her from being a total indulgence of a character is her inability to hold a grudge. Meljean lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter.

I would cut out half of the conversations which were unnecessary. I loved these two together. I would have preferred that the author move the sentences up to that place saying that Colin channeled the memory of Chaos to the three and they screamed at the visions they experienced.

Collin gave an impression of being vain and self-absorbed but still intelligent and witty.

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