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We start from May highs presumably with a long position, but we start flat. No, why be nervous. Most markets, sectors and stocks have a period of seasonal strength followed by a period of random performance. Influences tiletype greed, act of God, invention, weather, financial and personal stress, etc. This thread continues to evolve into quite the educational jewel, thanks again for taking the time to post these near-real-time Dunnigan signals.

It will take a reversal buy signal or a money management stop to liquidate these lots. Many features may not work properly without it. Positions are added as success of the trade becomes apparent.

AA promptly tanks further knew it would happen, that gap down was telling, wasn’t it? This sort of whipsaw makes me think that one has to be selective of the issues we choose to trade.


ZeroHedge Search

Could we make the earlier interpretation work? As reactive traders, we will not “front run” price action and let the market tell us what to do. I used daily charts.

An updated swing chart of YM below. All I can say is – Thank you Mr Dunnigan. I’m so glad that I sold the filteype of my gold position on Friday. Needless to say that repeat buys from the DOW system continue to appear. The SOT gave way to another goose up thrust-wise.

Posting them for fun. Conversely, when most investors and traders are bearish on the market, sector or stock, chances are than most of the selling has been completed and upside potential is significant. She can be contacted at Adrienne TradingOnTarget. In addition, most fundamental analysts are reluctant to offer and maintain a sell recommendation on a stock for an extended period of time.

Education – natural wave consulting

The daytrading mindset is very dominant. If it lasts more than a few hours, that is.

Could you point me to some resources on Dunnigan on the Net New month bullishness will retrace some of this [the doji shows some latent demand, there are always sellers at new highs and there will always be buyers on the first decline from new highs. Unfortunately missed trades in YM due to this corn excitement That highwave candle is overdue. Makes me wonder if I can develop a Dunnicator Dunnigator?


No way of knowing this till the settlement is known, but the price action smelled like Bottom Reversal. This time it had more significance for me because I was trying sell Sep dear and buy Dec cheap.

OK Cancel Login to make your opinion count. Therefore they are irrelevant for swing definition. Filteype sessions trading within the T12 range of points will be considered inside days and the current upswing from B10 Low is, therefore, intact.

Cover S1 and S2 We need to wait for a downswing anyway before a reversal buy can happen.

Dunnigan to my rescue?

A must read for stock traders. There will be a downswing, no?

Back to the Mall, then.

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