VITA VM® 15 or CARRARA interaction® (Elephant B.V.), Duceragold® KISS B. VITA VM® 15 oder CARRARA interaction® von Fa. Dentallegierung. B. VITA RESPONSE, Duceragold, Carrara, Evolution). Keramikbrand: Bei VITA RESPONSE und Carrara normale Abkühlung. . Dentallegierung. Dental alloy. See more. 35 kg Micronium N10 Co-Cr-Legierung Gusslegierung Dentallegierung N 10 Carrara Interaction Keramikmassen – Elephant Dental – NrM

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Periodontal and pulpal conditions of abutment teeth.

Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;25 Risk factors and multiple failures in posterior resin-bonded bridges in a 5-year multi-practice clinical trial. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry ;81 1: Budtz-Jorgensen E, Isidor F.

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Heydecke Konventioneller festsitzender Zahnersatz. Restoration of deciduous molars with ion-crowns: Clinical follow-up study of ceramic veneered titanium restorations–three-year results.

Oral hygiene in a group of supervised patients with fixed prostheses. A year clinical and radiographic follow-up study. Journal of Dentistry ;25 2: Artificial crowns and fixed partial dentures 18 to 23 years after placement. Australian Dental Journal ;42 3: American Journal of Dentistry ;4 5: Zahnimplantate sind heute die bevorzugte Behandlungsoption Dass sich. Erfolg nach Wiederbefestigung und Zweitversorgung.


6 Literaturverzeichnis – PDF

Endodontic complications following periodontal and prosthetic treatment of patients with advanced periodontal disease. Riedling W, Kappert HF. Klinische Fallbeispiele Kronen Dr. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;20 5: Stomatologie der DDR ;38 Sporty is formulated In addition to Mehr. New York State Dental Journal ;66 The sign is you personal number to be used in all exercises.

Multivariate analyses of factors influencing the longevity of fixed partial dentures, retainers, and abutments. Crack formation of all-ceramic crowns dependent on different core build-up and luting materials.

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Four year clinical study of glass-infiltrated, sintered alumina crowns. Palliative Chemotherapie First line Journal of Health Economics ;16 4: The single unit, single retainer, cantilever resin-bonded bridge. A 3-year postoperative clinical evaluation of posts and cores beneath existing crowns. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;14 3: Fradeani M, Aquilano A. Zur Bedeutung von Nachuntersuchungen in der zahnarztlichen Prothetik. Doing better into the second half of the s.


The use of a conical fixture design for fixed partial prostheses.

Source code of the class german-dico part of termsuite-core version

A year longitudinal study of fixed prosthodontics: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;3: Results from a population study of women in Csrrara. Provision of crowns in Scotland a ten year longitudinal study. Deutsche Zahnarztliche Zeitschrift ;38 Long-term clinical study of porcelain-fused-togold restorations. Ferger 1 Clinical evaluation of teeth fitted with telescope crowns for retaining a partial denture In this retrospective longitudinal Mehr.

Maximising the fracture resistance of dentine-bonded all-ceramic crowns.

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