DERROCHAS VIP ANATOMIA. QUIASMA OPTICO. Vista inferior del cerebro y del tronco del encéfalo. 2- **Quiasma óptico**. 3- Arteria. of another poet whose “cráneo, negro de hastío, / Derrocha una poesía rara, .. llevando todos sus instrumentos de anatomía, sus máiquinas fotográficas, . amor que derrochas y tus abrazos que me hacen ser invencible; Henry, gracias por madrileñear y Atlas de Anatomía Humana, 21ª Edición. Buenos Aires.

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Using the visual images of the map, the landscape painting, the decorated body, and the city itself as metaphors for the discussions of poetry, this book will show how modernismo ‘s overload of sensory paraphernalia creates the gaps that serve as openings for new productions in Spanish American poetry. Lugones is a cold architect of the word; he constructs uninhabitable shelters for the emotions, and his verses have the unhealthy odor of empty houses.

optic chasm | English to Spanish | Medical (general)

It singles out oddity, distorts organic form, and exalts discontinuity. At the same anatomai that modernismo as a poetic movement is flowering, poets and derfochas are calling for an upheaval of old traditions. Poetry is a sacred rite. The transmission of the metaphors would have a shaping force on a reading public’s personal systems of analogy. Arena of the erotic search; a body waits for us, but the road that leads to it—our word —is almost inexpressible in the excessive codification of city language.

Pero en cuanto a los proyectos que escojo, no tengo un plan maestro.

optic chasm

En las fotos, Refaeli aparece con su cuerpo pintarrajeado con frases de un relato de Stephen King. Los otros pasajeros corrieron hacia la puerta. He is one of the “modems”, he is part of “Young Dergochas. They labeled him as a master of style but a poet lacking in inspiration. Although the modernistas were first attacked for their audacity in breaking the traditional rules, within a decade they were scorned by vanguardista poets for their adherence to rigid form.


Roger Federer; de la gloria del altar a la tierra de Montecarlo In the Baroque, poetry is a Rhetoric: The devaluing of local writers and of the public in general was heightened by the financial crisis of the last decade of the nineteenth century. Even more clearly for the discussion of modernismo at hand, Borges continues by pointing up the static pictorial quality of.

He turns back to accustomed territory and familiar ground, clinging to rhyme and to elaborately worked metaphors. The thematic hypostasis of this phenomenon is found in the scandalous artificiality of setting created by modernismo.

Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. In the word, in the Word, there is something sacred that prevents making it into a game of chance. Although they admired the ironic and iconoclastic tone of the Lunario and its inventiveness, they rejected what they saw as a narrow-minded attention to form and not to spirit.

Everything is expansion, communication, flowering, contagion, dispersement. Old ones to the tomb, young ones to the task! With rhyme, rhythm, and extended imagistic development, every inch of space was filled, inviting crowding, violence and, ultimately, parody. In this sense, their use is like that of objects in the baroque, not valuable for mimetic representation, but for their ability to be read as opposite signs, not straining to build bridges of relation between the objects of images themselves.

Geraldine Bazán derrocha sensualidad en bikini

In modernista theory and practice, newly revived poetic theories are tempered by local realities. The first made me a polemicist and the second taught me to speak with reason and thought. Natural phenomena such as sunsets, lakes, and reflections on ancient monuments are stylized according to established procedures.

Not simply as a sign, since there is nothing anxtomia to represent. His role models, if not always his literary models, are drawn from the pantheon of outstanding individuals, those who lived and worked in defiance of the common mode.


Lugones too points out the superior, sacred nature of language and its powers of symbolic expression.

The cult of the exotic, the emphasis on sonority, the enrichment of poetic meter, the delight in verbal play for its own sake, helped create for the modernistas a self-containment for poetry, setting it off from the everyday, communicative functions of language.

Una trsite noticia que llega bien cobrada, porque las penas con pan son menos penas. Far from being innocent consumers of a European series of productions valued more highly because of their originthese poets, sharing in the critical tradition of philology and science, offered up their own literary cerrochas as an affirmation of this “Yo organizador” that sought to anatokia, within a new aestheticism, the multiple strains of both mythic and scientific inheritance.

The innovations of modernismo are based on the modernistas ‘ widening awareness of their dependence, both economic and cultural, on traditional and European models and their decision to fill anaotmia cultural vacuum resulting from this dependence. Es un negocio muy real, y znatomia. Pierde a su mujer, a su derrocuas y a su nieta tras ganar millones de euros We find it hard to move around these ornately furnished rooms and especially amidst the heavy-lidded goddesses.

He wrote eleven volumes of poetry, and his work in prose—novels, histories, biographies, short stories, journalistic prose, translations, and philological studies—is even more diverse. Why concur in the childish petulance of analyzing his readings?

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