1 Ismail Beşikçi, Tunceli Kanunu () ve Dersim Jenosidi [The law 3 Report from the Consul in Trabzon, 27 September (Public Record Office. The region of Dersim, renamed Tunceli in , stood markedly at odds with the politico- Hamdi Bey, a senior official, in a report of , called the area an. Get this from a library! Dersim: Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı’nın raporu.. [Turkey. Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı.].

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It later also established camps in the mountains of northern Iraq, not far from the Turkish border. A People without a country: This failed to have the desired effect of eradicating dersmi Kurdish movement, but it did cause the Kurds to loose many of their erstwhile Turkish supporters.

Dersim rebellion

During the military operations, the region was virtually dwrsim off by a blockade. It also includes the particularly silenced Armenian aspects of Dersim — a dimension that Western scholarship long failed to grasp.

This report presents detailed information on yet another region where forced evictions have been highly systematic, massive, and rapid, i. Part of the evacuees soon dispersed; those who had relatives elsewhere in the country joined them. At present, drrsim are hardly any inhabited villages left in Kulp and Lice. This is not the cumulative total but the number for alone.

In spite of these restrictions on the flow of information, and the self-censorship practised by most of derslm Turkish press, it is clear that forced evictions have been adopted as a deliberate policy at the highest political level.

This means that the village desrim affected by the operations but that not enough information is available to classify the events. In recent years, Turkey has spent enormous sums buying modern equipment and ammunition for its land and air forces, notably armoured vehicles, combat helicopters and cluster bombs. Resettlement on this scale goes well beyond counter-insurgency.

Kurdish nationalism had had its impact on a few of its leaders and intellectuals since the early 20th century. Eaporu it became apparent that these were part of a deliberate policy of the Turkish military.


A proposed number of 40, victims seems, however, implausibly high McDowall Other villages were not even given the choice but simply told to move their belongings out if they did not wish to loose everything when the village was burnt down.

‘Resmi raporlarda Dersim katliamı: 13 bin kişi öldürüldü’ – Türkiye Haberleri – Radikal

It was the village headmen muhtar from the afflicted areas who first drew national attention to the plight of their villages. Among the most prominent leaders of the Kurdish movement of that period, too, we find several Dersimis. A few weeks prior to the evacuations, these forests were set alight. Where necessary, minor changes were made to bring them into agreement with the administrative division of the s; these changes are indicated in footnotes.

During the months of September through Novemberthe Turkish army carried out a wave of village evacuations and demolitions in the province of Tunceli and neighbouring districts that were more systematic and thorough than any before. The forced evacuation of mountain settlements, which initially appeared to take place at the initiative of military commanders in the field in the course of counter-insurgency operations, is developing into a deliberate policy agreed upon at the highest level.

This section needs expansion. The incident is said to have taken place in mid-October, and the village name is incorrectly given as Ulukaya. Such forced village evacuations began to occur systematically and on a large scale ininitially in the zone north of the Iraqi dersjm but soon also in other regions where there had been PKK activity.

The forests were, however, receding and their quality declining. Cumhuriyet Hafta The following three lists of evacuated or destroyed villages compiled by others are referred to: Those mezra hamlets that are mentioned in our sources are listed under the village to which they derssim they do not have a serial number because they are not treated as separate units in the census.

Dersim rebellion – Wikipedia

The statistics presented in this report prove otherwise. According to an official report of the Fourth General Ispectorate, 13, civilians were killed by the Turkish Army and 11, people were taken into exile, depopulating the province. Major military campaigns and air raids on supposed PKK camps in northern Iraq have failed to eradicate its guerrilla forces. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Dersim Alevis differ in this respect from the other Alevis; within the same Alevi religion, they traditionally have their own saints, and many beliefs and practices not found among the Turkish Alevis.


It involved a deep-seated fear of de-legitimisation Kieser Hamdi Bey, a senior official, in a report ofcalled the area an abscess that needed an urgent surgeon from the Republic Halli During the summer daporu autumn, approximately a quarter of the extensive forests of Tunceli was deliberately set alight, causing grave ecological damage in one of Turkey’s last rich forest areas.

Many others were burned alive, whether in houses or by spraying individuals with fuel. Different forces have been raporh in these forced evacuations.

‘Resmi raporlarda Dersim katliamı: 13 bin kişi öldürüldü’

There are extensive forests in Tunceli, some of the last remaining in Turkey – in fact, Tunceli had several years earlier been designated to become a nature reserve. The central parts of Dersim, by contrast, resisted both co-option and direct rule until the s. The population of scattered mountain villages is to be resettled — voluntarily — on state lands close to the major population centres.

Tribes from Dersim objected to losing authority and refused to pay taxes. The ‘centre village’ project represents a thinly disguised return to that old policy; if carried out, it will result in the destruction of a significant part of Kurdish culture, and is obviously in violation of Turkey’s obligation, as a member of the Council of Europe, to protect its minority cultures.

During the Ottoman period, before the Tanzimatmost of the empire’s eastern regions were administrated by the Ottoman feudal system.

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