Espe elem: Ruta chalepensis L. Lire la suite de Ruta Description botanique: Tree 6 m tall with spines. Planta Med – Nahrstedt A, Eilert U, Wolters B () Rutacridone II Ruta graveolens – Revue botanique, chimique et pharmacologique (Etude. Scientific Name: Ruta graveolens L. Range Description: The plant originates in eastern Europe (Balkan Peninsula, . Le reseau de la botanique francophone.

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Boil for at least 10 minutes in a covered pot. Business Modern work spaces. Plants growing at lower altitudes in tropical Africa do not often flower, so the plants are vegetatively multiplied and the genetic variation might therefore be on the low side for these plants.

Common RueCapsules and seeds. For conjunctivitis, diarrhea, flu, cough juice: Ruta chalepensis Ruta chalepensis: Oral administration to mice 0. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The plant is also widely grown as ornamentals in hedges or as a container rufa. Get 10 free images.

There are 14 study abstracts related to Ruta chalepensis L. Core collection Infinite Collection Instant Collection. For topical application, strict hygiene measures should be observed in order to rita contamination or additional infection, and contact with any substance that may be irritating for the conjunctiva should be avoided.

The aqueous extract from the dried fruit Travel Passport to inspiration. In Africa, the morphologically and chemically related Ruta graveolens L.


Ruta chalepensis – Wikipedia

The seed contains various terpenes 10 ; the fruit contains triterpene limonoid bitter principles: The antifertility effect is attributed to the furanocoumarin chalepensin, which has a very narrow therapeutical range. For decoction, boil for at least 10 minutes in a covered pot. Nutr Res 29 1: There are 8 citations in Afrirefs related to Ruta chalepensis L. J Agric Food Chem 38 9: For colic, headache, fever, flu: To organize and save selections in a folder you must first register or log in.

Illustration botanique / Ruta graveolens / Rue fétide

A decoction of the pulverized fruits in milk is taken to treat diarrhoea. The fragrance of the leaves is strong, characteristically aromatic and sweet. Both bktanique are characterized by the presence of alkaloids acridone- quinolone- furoquinolone-type alkaloids, and quaternary furoquinolinesfurano- coumarins and essential oils.

The essential oils from aerial parts of Ruta chalepensis plants harvested at different stages of growth in northern India contained 19 components, representing A hexane extract of the aerial parts showed strong molluscicidal activity against the schistosomiasis-transmitting snail Bulinus truncatus with an LC 90 value of 2.

View the annotations at Commons. The fruit pulp contains a large amount of organic acids citric and malic mainly and of vitamin C; the pericarp contains pectin.

File:Ruta chalepensis Dried fruits Tigray Region Ethiopia.jpg

Ruta chalepensis grows well in well-drained sandy or rocky limestone soils and prefers an open sunny position. Ethnoveterinary medicinal plants at Bale Mountains national park, Ethiopia. The fruit peel contains one isoquinoline alkaloid: In northern Sudan, a fruit poultice is applied to swellings. See more Fotolia plans.

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Commercial production of essential oil from Ruta chalepensis and Ruta graveolens is centred in the Mediterranean region. This document was made as part of the Projet Phoebus.

Ruta chalepensis Scientific classification Kingdom: Drink 1 cup as needed 5. J Agric Food Chem 39 4: Livingstone, London, United Kingdom. Planta Med 40 4: The Extended License gives you all the rights granted by the Standard License, but bottanique the ability to print our creative files more thantimes and allows you to use them on your own products. Fruit pale yellow, smooth, 5 to 7 cm in diameter.

Ruta chalepensis Scientific Name: It is described as an hypocholesterolemic but not as an hypotriglyceridemic Ethiopian Medical Journal It is not permitted to upload this file at Facebook.

Choose your Monthly Pack Choose your plan Our Monthly Packs allow you to download hi-res photos and vector files whenever you want within a month, with just one simple price for all files. Tree, up to 10 m tall with slender thorns. Qualitative and quantitative differences are chalepeensis found for the different parts of the plants.

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