Premiul Nobel pentru Literatura Soareci si oameni, unul dintre romanele clasice ale literaturii secolului trecut, este o poveste cu nuante parabolice despre . Get Instant Access to Soareci Si Oameni Romanian By John Steinbeck # EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK. Read. Download Online Soareci. Șoareci și oameni has 1 rating and 1 review. Bianca said: O poveste despre speranță, naivitate, prietenie, sărăcie, neputință, nedreptate.

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This book does that. George is restless, intelligent and often short-tempered; Lennie is huge and incredibly strong, although mentally damaged.

There is irony in that equation, respre a gentle one. George tries to protect Lennie from the world. The book is about friendship and about ooameni and about how so much more important kindness is over knowledge or intelligence.

Despite the best of intentions, with Lennie’s condition being what it is, he does not always remember to do what George asks of him, putting both of their futures in jeopardy. I don’t know, I just think about George sometimes.

Șoareci și oameni

Maybe those kids were sneaking in The Outsiders inside their textbooks? View all 7 oaneni. But then, as others have pointed out, it is an older book, so it is surprising to see people widely still read it outside of school.

One of his last published works was Travels with Charley, a travelogue of a road trip he took in to rediscover America.

Slim neither encouraged nor discouraged him. Crooks’ bunk was a long box filled with straw, on which his blankets were flung. View all 8 comments.

View all 4 comments.

And all the credit in the world to my teacher, who chose other good books the rest of the year. It’s scary to rely on anyone else. How will I react this time? View all 27 comments.


Lectura Audio: John Steinbeck – Soareci Si Oameni

I struggled a little with some of the secondary characters and the setting, no my favorite. I had read this back in high school when it was mandated.

How could you write something so heart-wrenching, and manage to leave us wanting more? In this situation, the wife is the mouse and Lennie is the man. But it’s absolutely worth reading whenever you have a chance to find a quiet corner and be ready for a bit of a cry and a flood of questions, answers and thoughts. I’d exhausted my current supply, and I needed a short term fix to hold me until I could get some new product today. Still, depressing as shit. Oh, sure there were xoareci tense moments like when you think Lennie will accidently hurt Curley’s wife in the barn.

And I have seen first-hand what Steinbeck describes in Of Mice and Men – the soarecii vulnerability and innocence often combined with physical strength, just waiting for something bad to happen. However, the next day Lennie accidentally skareci his puppy while stroking it.

What a relief when George and Candy come in at the last minute and stop anything bad from oamni Read this the first time in a middle school science class by holding the book under the desk and ever so slightly ducking my head to read my lap.

This vespre embodied by Lenny; he is vulnerable and emotionally weak. Two lonely men who live on the fringe of society, desperately Oh God. Reading the novel, I heard Sinise’s voice as George. I wanted them to have it desperately.

References to Steinbeck’s novel have been dropped by a ton of cartoon series, perhaps as much a tribute to Jones as to Steinbeck, but the homage that stands out for me are the characters of Pinky and the Brain on Animaniacs.

Emily It was the characters who had the “blame the victim” mentality.

But you may be poring over the pages of To Kill a Mockingbird for a long fruitless evening to find any mockingbirds coming to any harm at all. I first read Of Mice And Men my sophomore year of high school, when it was a required reading in Mrs. About Me For those new to me or my reviews You would have to say that such books as The Slap, The Help, The Great Gatsby, Gangsta Granny, Mrs Dalloway and Hamlet have very good titles because they are all about a slap, some help, a Gatsby who was really great, a no good granny, a woman who was married to a guy called Dalloway and a Hamlet.


Guy don’t need no sense to be a nice fella. Oh, it does happen, lon [Reading other goodreads reviews of this brings home to me that I really was in the classes for kids they’d given up on. The overall message is one of morality; he depicted an America that existed, not the one that he would have liked. An old sheepdog whose usefulness has passed is unceremoniously shot. And what about Call it Sleep?

Steinbeck alludes to the fact that the reason that George and Lennie are in between jobs is because Lennie had felt a woman’s dress meaning no harm, yet the act alarmed other members of their work team, forcing the duo to flee the premises. He has a childlike sweetness sii is easily confused and frightened, and that combined with his strength makes him threatening to others. Dang it, John Oajeni, how could you do this to us?

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