ABSTRACT. Desquamative gingivitis is a descriptive term of nonspecific clinical expression in the gingiva (redness, burning, erosion, pain) of several. Desquamative gingivitis (DG) is a clinical term used to describe gingival tissues that demonstrate potentially painful gingival erythema, hemorrhage, sloughing. Lichen planus is an idiopathic t-cell mediated inflammatory condition. Although its etiology is unknown OLP is sometimes associated with other medical.

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Oral involvement in mucous membrane pemphigoid. Indirect immunofluorescence using salt-split mucosa provides more sensitive assay.

Bullous pemphigoid, cicatricial pemphigoid, and pemphigus vulgaris. Chorzelski TP, Jablonska S. Users may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the journal endorses its use. One suggested protocol is to use the trays twice daily for 20 minutes during each dezquamative.

Regular follow up was done and the lesions showed no signs of recurrence. Mucous membrane pemphigoid MMPoral lichen planus and pemphigus vulgaris accounts for the major causes of gingival desquamation.

Taking detailed gingiviris history, performing a careful intraoral examination and determining the presence or absence of similar lesions at other sites of the body are the most important steps in clinical practice. Dermatological pathologies like bullous pemphigoid, MMP, pemphigus vulgaris and bullous lichen planus were considered as the most probable differential diagnosis. Scully C, Porter SR.


DG with histologic confirmation and DIF support showing a linear pattern of fibrinogen at the basement membrane zone. Benign lymphoepithelial lesion Ectopic salivary gland tissue Frey’s syndrome HIV salivary gland disease Necrotizing sialometaplasia Mucocele Ranula Pneumoparotitis Salivary desquamatiive stricture Salivary gland aplasia Salivary gland atresia Salivary gland diverticulum Salivary gland fistula Salivary gland hyperplasia Salivary gland hypoplasia Salivary gland neoplasms Benign: Oral squamous cell carcinoma in a case of dyskeratosis congenita.

The lesions showed considerable improvement ginglvitis steroid application. Lesions may be generalized or localized and may extend into the alveolar mucosa.

Desquamative gingivitis: A review

Intraoral restorations or prosthesis desquzmative be removed 8. It is a common clinical manifestation in several diseases. Immunodiagnosis of pemphigus and mucous membrane pemphigoid. Int J Adv Case Rep ;2: Sklavounou A, Laskaris G.

The ability to readily determine the correct etiology of DG may sometimes be difficult due the extremely friable nature of the affected tissues. Bednar’s aphthae Cleft palate High-arched palate Palatal cysts of the newborn Inflammatory papillary hyperplasia Stomatitis nicotina Torus palatinus. Periodontium gingivagingjvitis ligamentcementumalveolus — Gums and tooth-supporting structures.


Desquamative gingivitis: A review

Desquamative gingivitis involves lesions of the free and attached gingiva. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how the material can be used. Semin Cutan Med Surg. Open in a separate window.

Topical corticosteroids are commonly used to treat DG. Differential diagnosis was made solely on the basis of clinical features.

Introduction | Desquamative Gingivitis | Continuing Education Course |

However, no direct relationship between MMP and smoking or menopausal status has been cited in the literature. Desquamative gingivitis, Mucocutaneous diseases, Contact allergic reactions.

Scully C, Laskaris G. Desquamative gingivitis and oral mucous membrane diseases. Author information Article notes Copyright gjngivitis License information Disclaimer.

Hereby, we present an interesting case of MMP manifesting as desquamative gingivitis, along with a brief review of the literature.

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