Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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Sorcery Shops won’t be of any interest for a looong time in fact, we will only synthesize abilities in the latest phases of the game. Basically this kind of “shop” sells you info on the local enemies of an area, so you know in advantage what their weaknesses are, how many HP they have, and so on. In Poltae the adventure can continue, but we’re not going to proceed with the local main story just yet.

Then simply make your way through the next areas to continue with the story.

Table of Contents

When it’s all done, return to the station and board the train for The Dead Dunes or simply Teleport there if you can afford it. This simply means that your routine will be set up like this:. He’s weak against Thunder, so you can fundamentally repeat the fight against fimal boss of Main Quest to defeat him. In general, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything — it’s better if you save the EP to have them ready and available out of the Ark right away.

Speak with Hope and pick the second option to ask him about the red-worded topics in order to reactivate the green portal in The Ark to return to Luxerion. Return to The Warren, but access the area from the West side this time take the path leading Southeast from the North station.

Luxerion’s gate is located far Northwest, North of the Forsaken Graveyard.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

You need to slash 30x Lizards with your weapon press RB for an achievement, and you also want to get the item they drops Lizard Tail, Unappraised Item when you slash them for other purposes subquests, miscellaneous stuff, but also story progression for the Unappraised Item, since they will be traded for a Pilgrim’s Crux.


There are better attacks that don’t consume EPs though, so it’s not going to be used a lot not at all against the major bosses, actually. You will automatically receive the Femme Fatale weapon between one cutscene and the other, and then you’ll resume the adventure in another area. Don’t feed the Gysahl Greens to the Chocobo, since we’ll need to give at least one to the “old man” for this quest! You can pick them up to get extra loot Bronzed Medal and Silvered Medal.

We’ll need a total of at least 12x Chocoborel for the next quests! Before the gate where you infiltrated during the story there is now a quest-giving character; speak with him. Examine it while riding your Chocobo to help him recover a little bit.

Do NOT sell any other item though: You will reach an area Old Town with a couple of shops: While doing this quest you will come across Thorton, the man standing on the way to the station, who has his own quest to give you. Defonado Chronostasis will sabotage any idea of farming because of this reason. From there, go Northeast to reach the objective marker, which is where the biggest “ruins” of The Dead Dunes are.

Reach the South station square before That is all for Poltae — ride your Chocobo outside of the village, and then proceed East. Black Mage and White Mage. Head where the objective marker is towards Cathedral. In particular, if you still haven’t used the Nektar in battle to try to cure a status ailment, do the following process if you did manage to use the Nektar just do the last step:. Make sure to buy the Quiet Guardian Garb 36 The Ark is a special location where you will end up between the Days.

The door Northwest of the Red Cactus “Sacred Gate” is now open, and it’s the one leading to detohado last mural. Sheep green Ain a sheep pen, to automatically start this quest. When they detonaxo all dead, return to the quest-giver to report. There’s plenty enough time to do cetonado of the above without using Chronostasis, but please try to stick with the indications provided.

Final Fantasy XIII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

To simplify that farming you can extinct the other two enemy types of the “Death Game” quest: He wants 3x Monster Mince obtained from the “monkey” enemies called Vali first, and then he will ask for 1x AMP Chip dropped by giant enemies in the “rocky” areas; the enemies are called Aster Protoflorian. There is nothing to pick up, aside from the occasional Soul Seeds in the various Chaos Zones on the way.


If such indication is present, make sure that your in-game time matches with what I indicated, or else the quests may not be available.

South station square, Clock Tower, and The Residences. Lastly, examine the bookshelf “Book of Conquest” in the Ark to fight the first boss again. These enemies change their fonal affinities periodically, and you need to Stagger them by attacking them with the element they’re currently weak against in order to deal massive damage.

I’ll tell you when to use Chronostasis, and how many times you should use it.

Do fantsy and the quest will be completed Rewards: Novice Synthesist 11 10 Proof of synthesizing your first ability. The thing is, we’re running out of EPs, and there aren’t many enemies that can restore EPs at this time of the Day. Regardless of how you decide to leave the area on foot or via Teleportas soon as you step out of the room where you are there will be a scene, and after the ixii the other guest of your party will permanently leave you.

He’ll be here only before The Savior’s Descent 15 15 Proof of one who has mastered the basics of this world and begun a great detonadoo. Do so, and then access the area you just unlocked. They are usually optional, but in this first case xbod must pick all the three possible options to continue. Garbs are an important part of the development and strategy in this game, and there is also an achievement for getting a certain amount a total of 25 of them. Set Sparkstrike Lv 2 as one of the abilities.

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