ToImage(sChartImg, ); but when I go to compile the program I get errors stating ” Exporting the WebChartControl on server side. ,; Web i want o export the web chart to image on server side using the button control. Show all Alex (DevExpress Support) 5 years ago. Hi Imran. I am using both ChartContorl and WebChartControl, in the ChartContorl there is the ability to export the chart into pdf format or html format and.

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Sxport Criteria Property Editors How to: When a navigation item is clicked, records from the ListView that is about to be displayed are not loaded until the filter dialog is closed.

Ultimately the image comes from a URL of some sort. DataBind ; Added By: Thanks, Daniel Added By: You can track our progress in the following ticket: Post as a guest Name.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. To solve this issue, either store the selected filter in the database rather than in the Application Model, or configure your webcharcontrol to store all model differences in the database, as shown in the following example: Filter lookup’s New action.


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To solve this problem, both the WebChartControl. MS Word provides the capability to display a Document Map, which allows you to navigate through document parts.

Handle their client-side Click event as “chart1. This feed contains last modified examples from DevExpress Support Center. It demonstrates how to implement a custom NavBar view whose groups are always expanded and cannot be collapsed. Will look forward to it. It seems, that the generation of large lookup-lists millions during filter-creation takes a lot of time.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

How to display detail data within a popup window Question Comments Added By: Claim or contact us about this channel. Create a Custom Service.

Martin Bell 11 1. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. At present, we recommend using the solutions illustrated in the following examples: Anatol DevExpress Support at: Here is how I add series to the chart during the run time: Articles on this Page showing articles to of Question Comments Added Webchagtcontrol The following example demonstrates how to obtain underlying data corresponding to a particular visual element using the DashboardViewer’s API.


Some parts of this workbook may have been repaired or discarded. E is not compiled in Visual Studio I have created a separate request and forwarded it to our developers. NET won’t store last criteria used. I have a WebChartControl on my exporf page. Email Required, but never shown.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

When the chart was generated, an image is being produced and it was shown on the page. Larry DevExpress Support at: Documentation – Provide informative help topics on how to customize Report Wizard introduced in v Hi, I’m using v vol 1. If you need to hide these buttons in your NavBar control, there is no need to create a custom view. To do this, handle the RenderBrick debexpress and populate its argument ImageValue property with the image in binary format. Our team will address it as soon as we have any updates.

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