Significado de los principales símbolos energéticos de Odum, aplicados en Ejemplo de diagrama de flujos para una explotación maderera de pino ambiental em emergia, utilizando o Diagrama Emergético Ternário. . Odum ( ) para contabilizar os fluxos de massa e energia que ingressam e saem. um apanhado do desenvolvimento dos conceitos de forma de planta e .. períodos de seca, chamados de desertos e semidesertos frios (Odum ), e na região .. Figura 4 – Diagrama bioclimático de Dansereau (), em que as letras.

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Decision-making tool considering the interaction of the production systems and the environment

Odum was a pioneer in his use of small closed and open ecosystems in classroom teaching. The scale of energy goes from dilute sunlight up to plant matter, to coal, from coal to oil, to electricity and up to the high quality efforts of computer and human information diagama.

Ecological Modelling99p. In the s in the latter part of his career H.

Howard T. Odum

Odum, with an overview of H. Praeger Publishers, New York, pp. Ecological Economics25, p. Hagen has identified the systems thinking of Odum as a form of holistic thinking. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


Research, Past and Present, with Bruno D. Confusing Production and Consumption. In his Ph. Environment, Power and Society. Le Chatelier’s principle diagraam this view point may be phrased that a system with a self correcting mechanism has reached this condition by natural selection. Their father “encouraged his sons to go into science and to develop new techniques to contribute to social progress.

Effect of hydrologic subsidy on self-organization of a constructed wetland in Central Florida. Nixon [University of Rhode Island] are among a cadre of former students who have been recognized internationally for their contributions to ecological engineering, ecological economics, ecosystem science, wetland ecology, estuarine ecology, ecological modeling, and related fields. Odum’s contributions to this field have been recognised by the Mars Society.

Proposal and application of a Sustainable Development Index. This extension relied on the definition of an entity as a combination of properties that have some stability with time.

The problem of co-production in environmental accounting by emergy analysis.

His general plan “was to characterize the chemostatic flow, to establish the qualitative and quantitative community structureto measure the production rates, and to study the mechanisms oum which the community metabolism is self-regulated”. The recognition of these quality differences is a key concept.

Emergy accounting converts the thermodynamic basis of all forms of energy, resources and human services into equivalents of a single form of energy, usually solar.


Os dados da Tabela 1 foram inseridos no aplicativo de entrada de dados. Thus it does not purport to replace economic values doagrama to provide additional information, from a different point of view.

A more general statement is that “a system which has stability with time will exist longer than a system without stability”. The important dialog about the value of salt marsh wetlands Further to this Odum also mooted two more additional thermodynamic laws see Energeticsbut there is far from consensus in the scientific community about these proposals, and many scientists have never heard of H.

Energy Analysis Overview of Nations. Ecological Modelling79, p. Figure 2 shows non-renewable environmental contributions N as an emergy storage of materials, renewable environmental inputs Rand inputs from the economy as purchased F goods and services.

Odum continued this work for 26 years until his retirement in Environmental space and the prism of sustainability: Promise and problems of emergy analysis. The theoretical and conceptual basis for the emergy methodology is grounded in thermodynamics [ citation needed ]general system theory [2] and systems ecology.

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