DAA1-VLA Aircraft Flight Manual. 8. 18/01/ Download. DA TR AFM Temporary Revision – Maximum CHT with SB installed. 09/11/ AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL (english) – BASIC MANUAL. Doc. No. Description. Rev. Date. Downl. E. Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). 9. We ask that you carefully read this Airplane Flight Manual and to pay special attention to the permission of DIAMOND AIRCRAFT Austria is.

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Display resolution is 1 US gallon. The navigational instruments are located on the right hand side of the instrument panel. It is essential that the responsible airworthiness authority be contacted prior to any alterations on the airplane to ensure that the airworthiness of the airplane is not affected.

Watch carefully for smoke. These aircraft have a second vapor return line from the distribution manifold to the firewall. Revisions of approved sections must be endorsed by the responsible airworthiness authority. Jacking The DAC1 can be jacked da220 the two jack points located on the lower side of the fuselage’s root ribs and at the tail fin.

Page Figure xiamond. Only portions of the flight manual affected by the installation are included in this supplement.

Aircraft Flight Manual | Diamond Aircraft

Several readings should be taken to confirm accuracy. There are no other changes to the fuel system. Land airplane on the side of runway opposite to the side with the defective tire to compensate for change in direction which is to be expected during final rolling.

Electrical Powered Equipment The individual consumers e.

On the upper left corner of the instrument panel. Moment of Pilot and Passenger: Doc DAC1 April 06, The maximum speed of the crosswind component at which the manoeuvrability of the airplane during take-off and landing has been demonstrated during type certification test flights.


Page This Supplement to the AFM is provided to acquaint the pilot with the limitations as well as normal, abnormal and emergency operating procedures of the Garmin G Only the portions of the flight manual affected by this installation are included in this supplement. Refer to Page for index of supplements. A placard dda20 the instrument panel indicates if this system is installed. Distance from the reference datum to the CG. Flight Instruments The flight instruments are installed on the pilot’s side of the instrument panel.

Safe handling of an airplane increases and ensures your safety and provides you with many hours of enjoyment. Scope and revision status can be found in the List of Effective Pages and in the Record of Revisions. Diamonx protection against water and humidity, water sumps are installed within the line. Longitudinal Leveling Diagram Legend: The EPU receptacle and related circuits provide for the connection of an external power diamonf for various ground operations, e.

Take-off Distance Figure 5.

Diamond Aircraft

Full color range marks provide a quick reference for diampnd analysis of voltage levels. NOTE Failure to install the flight control lock whenever the aircraft is parked may result in control system damage, due to gusts or turbulence.

Circuit Breakers Pull all circuit breakers. Each change of the installed When 5 US gallons remain in the main tank the fuel system display is flashed an audible tone is heard and the EC displays the warning. The lamps are aimed specifically to increase the aircraft’s visibility ca20 final approach and head on.

On the back-rest on the right side. Climb up to pattern altitude. Permissible Utility Category Maneuvers: All loose items pens, bags etc.

Powerplant Doamond DAC1 may be equipped with an optional altitude compensating fuel pump. Don’t have an account? Check Avionics Master Circuit If popped, press and monitor status, Breaker If it pops again, land at the nearest suitable airport. The fire protection cover on the fire wall is made from a special fire retarding ceramic fiber va20 is covered by a stainless steel plate on the engine side. Icing Unintentional Flight Into Icing Area Leave icing area through change of altitude or change of flight direction dimond reach area with higher outside air temp.


Where additional performance data has been provided, beyond the basis for certification, it has not been reviewed or approved by Transport Canada. The pages superseded by the revision must be removed and destroyed.

Diamond DA20-C1 Manual

Fuel pressure is measured at the fuel distribution manifold and displayed on the fuel pressure indicator, which is calibrated in PSI. Mooring The tail skid of the airplane has a tie down hole which can be used to moor airplane.

Power Supply A 12 V battery is connected to the master bus via the battery circuit breaker 50 Amps. Copies of the manual can be obtained through. Jupp,,Chief, Flight Test,for Director, Aircraft Certification, The new or amended text will be indicated by a bold black vertical line in the left hand margin of a revised page. Refer to Chapter 9, Supplements, for details of optional systems and equipment. Center of Gravity Limits: With this system it is not necessary to manually lean the mixture with altitude.

Covers on the control sticks prevent loose objects from entering the control area.

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