One Liter of Tears – A Young Girl’s Fight for Life (Aya’s Diary). Tankobon Softcover. $ 1 Liter of Tears – Aya’s Diary of the Girls Continue the Fight Against. Introduction to Kito Aya and Her Diary木 藤 亜 也 (Aya Kito)(July – May 23, ) went into eternal sleep at the age of 26, surrounded by flower. 12 quotes from Aya Kito: ‘I want to be like the air. Aya Kito quotes Showing of “I want to be like the air. tags: 1-litre-of-tears, a-diary-of-tears · 51 likes.

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I started watching One Litre of Tears during beginning Aug 06 and was so touched by the story. Xiary I managed to get a copy of chinese translated diary. I understand the feelings of some of the fans like me unable to read the diary but crazily ktou the english translation would come out one day soon so I thought I wana translate the diary to English and spread out Kitou Aya’s goodness and strong desireness to survive when she was alive.

diray As usual, black fonts are from me and not from the diary. I know this translation is bad. Please bear with my lousy translation This is getting harder and harder. Pardon me of there is any wrong translation.

Diary of Kitou Aya . One Litre of Tears

The 2 gals who translate before me really are good and they have translate that much already.! I have decided to make the font blue if I am writing the translation and black if I myself is writing to avoid confusion.


So if u are reading,please take note.

Hope my next one will come soon View my complete profile. Diary of Kitou Aya.

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First of all have to explain my dissapearance recently. Firstly, I having difficulty logging into blogger to key in the entries cause it always show empty pages and I have mitou try refresh and refresh, clear temporary files and many many things then with some luck it might work but sometimes also cannot.

Aya Kito Quotes (Author of 1 Litre of Tears)

Secondly, my pregnancy there were some problems during the past week that lead me to some depression but not too worry as I have pulled myself together.

Thirdly, my work is extremely stressful leaving me no time to translate the book. I will try to translate as soon as possible and post it as soon as possible. Next is I receive a few emails of encouragements and questions.

Some I managed to answer however some was accidentally deleted which I felt so bad after that cause I was also wanted to what u guys wrote to me.

“The Complete Diary of Aya – 1 Liter of Tears.”

Thousand apologies cause my hotmail as lotsa spam and i had to check hundreds of mail and sometimes 1 or 2 get covered by so many mail and when i press delete suddenly i saw the title that I had stated to prevent confusion and I felt so regretful but it was too late as it was no longer recoverable.


I tried to post an entry after that but I tried so hard the website just refuse to go in so I could oni write it in my tagboard. Therefore I create another bandgal gmail. Basically this story line is toward more related to the real story using the real surname without Asou Kun with some lines exactly the same as the diary.

But it was taken in the modern times and not during the sixties. Attached is the picture. Contributions to Aya diary’s translation. Life in the Hostel. Where does my blog start from????

Long time kiou see. Thanks for the support. Waking up my thoughts. Arranging my thoughts Part 2. Arranging my thoughts Part 1. Songs in my Blog. The website with the previous diary entries. The Blank 2 Hours While waiting at the dessert shop. My Prediction Chapter 3.

A slight introduction of Kitou Aya. Ayafan View my complete profile.

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