Dido and Aeneas. An Opera Performed at Mr. Josias Priest’s Boarding School at Chelsea By Young Gentlewomen. The Words Made by Mr. Nahum Tate. Dido and Aeneas (Henry Purcell): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas is a gem, but the libretto, written by the man who gave King Lear a happy ending, has been widely mocked. Not any.

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Let the triumphs of love and of beauty be shown. Dido is distraught and Belinda comforts her. In a poem of aboutTate alluded to James II as Aeneas, who is misled by the evil machinations of the Sorceress and her witches representing Roman Catholicism, a common metaphor at the time into abandoning Dido, who symbolises the British people.

Beginning with Andrew Parrott ‘s recording for Chandos with the Taverner Consort and Playersthere was an increasing preference for a more genuine period sound. Opera by Henry Purcell. The concentrated libretto takes her from reluctant avowal to utter ruin in three brief acts. Didos Frauen tanzen, um Aeneas zu unterhalten. Gustav Holst dismissed the libretto as “the most wretched balderdash”. They Wound cido, but ’tis a pleasing smart. The bereft queen piles her lover’s belongings into a funeral pyre, on top of which she stabs herself.


Helen Eastman, directing English Touring Opera’s new production, suggests that the witches suffer from what she calls “Dido-envy”. As every other character leaves the stage, Aeneas is stopped by the Sorceress’s elf, who is disguised as Mercury. It has ddo plausibly suggested that Purcell’s short opera Dido and Aeneas was originally designed as a court masque, and possible topical political allusions have been proposed, notably in the light of the future James II’s Catholicism, seen to deflect him from his duty as a future king, a hypothetical intrigue that casts the Jesuits as witches.

Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

Suddenly Aeneas returns, but Dido is full of fear before Aeneas speaks, and his words only serve to confirm her suspicions. The Sorceress’ messenger, in form of Mercury, attempts to convince Aeneas to leave Carthage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To Fate I sue, of other means bereft, The only refuge for the wretched left. Dido fears that her love will make her a weak monarch, but Belinda and the Second Woman reassure her that “The hero loves as well.

There are a number of editions with realisations, and the opera’s accessibility to amateur performers is a feature that has greatly abetted the growth of its popularity in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Bei der Erde und beim Himmel will ich klagen! Putnam’s and Sons,pp. Now make Trial, And take no Denial.


Purcell: Dido and Aeneas, libretto

Dido and Aeneas Z. When the spell is prepared, the witches vanish in a thunderclap. A monumental work in Baroque operaDido and Aeneas is remembered as one of Purcell’s foremost theatrical works. All Resigning, Aenras Repining.

Not a subscriber yet? It is played annually by libetto military band at the Cenotaph remembrance ceremonywhich takes place on the Sunday nearest to 11 November Armistice Day in London’s Whitehall. Both arias are formed on a lamento ground bass. Opposites attract dancer Mark Morris.

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Deborah Warner, who directed an acclaimed recent production in Vienna, marvels at the “fantastic clash of high comedic scenes, followed a second later by painful tragedy. With this exposure comes the opportunity to see Tate’s libretto as no act of cultural vandalism, but rather a text that enabled Purcell to create a gem of concentrated emotion.

They stop at the grove librftto take in its beauty. He that fails of Addressing, aeeas but Just he shou’d fail of Possessing. It was composed no later than July[2] and had been performed at Josias Priest ‘s girls’ school in London by the end of

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