: Die Meistersinger Libretto Orginal Text and English Translation. Metropolitan Opera. text and Music By Richard Wagner. English Version By. Libretto, Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg [Richard Wagner, H. and F. Corder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Libretto, Musical Score, and MIDI Files Links Download a zip file with Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg leitmotifs in MIDI format .

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So lass doch nur den Herrn dort los, er hat mir nichts getan! If you wish to show the people how highly you honour Art; if you let the girl choose for herself, but do not want her to oppose the verdict: Wie sich die Buben freuen!

Pech ist kein Wachs. Up, Masters, vote and raise your hands!

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg – Wikipedia

Zwar wird’s ‘ne harte Arbeit sein: The master singers had developed a craftsmanlike approach to music-making, with an intricate system of rules for composing and performing songs. The apprentices scatter in alarm as Pogner and Beckmesser enter from the sacristy, then they go to their places at the back of the stage SCENE THREE On the right a crescent of cushioned benches runs from the Marker’s box, which is in the middle of the stage; on the left and facing the assembly melstersinger the ecclesiastical chair – the Singer’s Chair.

What’s that to you?

The story is set in Nuremberg in the midth century. Come, sit down here for a while with me on the bench. EVA Yes, patience is better! Don’t alter the “flower” and “coloratura”, let each ornament be in the Master’s footsteps; if you were to change you’d go astray, lose your place and get into a muddle – even if everything else had gone well for you you would have sung your chance away!


Versteh’ ich’s doch kaum! Eva repeatedly turns round towards the knight. Sing to the people on the market-place and in the streets; here admittance is only by the rules.

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

SACHS who has listened to the foregoing from behind his shop door, now opens it a little wider, having shaded his lamp Wicked goings-on, I see: For today we celebrate St John’s Day. He has a basket in his hand which he puts on the work-bench near the door; he takes flowers and ribbons from the basket; finally, he finds a sausage and a cake.

EVA But no one has yet seen the bridegroom.

I’ll accuse him only of Blind Meaning; say, could a meistersinnger be more meaningless? David’s fellow apprentices set up for a preliminary song trial, and the Masters arrive; but before the group’s secretary, Kothner, can call the roll, Walther applies for the contest, making an enemy of fellow contestant Beckmesser, the town clerk – a spiteful, jealous pedant, suspicious of anything new.

Sieben Fehler gibt er euch vor, die merkt er mit Kreide dort an: Do you mean me? Don’t you know that?

It made one uneasy! No one will heed the knight. EVA What gave me such sudden anguish was the fact that I had long seen him in a picture: Sachs realizes that the shoe is a perfect fit, but pretends to set about altering the stitching.

EVA Wer ist denn der? Doch heut’ ist Freiung, ich schlag’ euch vor, mir leihen die Meister ein willig Ohr. David finally manages to attract his master’s attention, and they discuss the upcoming festivities — it is St. Eva and Magdalena are sitting in the last row of pews. Das klingt mir alles fremd vorm Ohr.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Die Meistersinger sind nun alle angelangt, zuletzt auch Hans Sachs. I’ll propose you; the Masters will lend me a willing ear. meistersingsr

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A song has several sections and strophes; who might at once find the correct rule, the right seam, and the correct thread, with well-fitted stanzas to sole the song properly? There’s quarrelling and fighting going on. Before him many an applicant has sung his chance away. Beckmesser unsichtbar im Gemerk, sehr grell: Wollt ihr euch denn als Merker erdreisten, nun gut, so merkt mit dem Hammer auf den Leisten: And hear me report that I, following a Master’s duty, recommend a young knight who wishes to be elected, and this day seeks to become a Mastersinger!

Singet dem Volk auf Markt und Gassen! Walther leise, doch feurig zu Eva: Beckmesser now enters the workshop, alone, and takes the song that Walther has left there, accusing Sachs of intending to enter the contest himself. Noch nie, wo die Richter Handwerker! Therefore, Master Beckmesser, shut yourself in alone! Pogner freudig zu den Hinzutretenden: Everywhere Masters I see like evil spirits, ganging up to mock me: Do let then man go, he’s done nothing to me!

Ho could only speak ill of you.

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