What if working like crazy to beat the competition did exactly the opposite, making you mediocre and more like the competition? In today’s world. Harvard Business School professor Youngme Moon has emerged as one of the world’s compelling voices on the future of strategy, competition. Be Different (and better) to stand out and succeed. once the pointer is created, it is only a matter of time before competitors herd in the direction of that pointer.

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Every few years a book-through a combination of the author’s unique voice, storytelling ability, spirit, and insight-simply breaks the mold. If there is one strain of conventional wisdom pervading every company in every industry, it is the importance of competing hard to differentiate yourself from the competition. And yet going head-to-head with the competition-with respect to features, product augmentations, and so on-has the perverse effect of making you just like everyone else.

Youngme’s message is simple: Get off the competitive treadmill that’s taking you nowhere.

Aspire to offer the world something that is meaningfully different—different in a manner that is both fundamental and comprehensive. Along the way, this award-winning teacher and scholar draws on lessons from her research, her case studies on companies such as IKEA and Google, and her experiences in the classroom to weave stories of iconoclasm and nonconformity, of imagination and delight.


The result is a breathtakingly astute deconstruction of the strange and wonderful culture in which we live and consume It is also a stirring reminder of something that we too often forget: That business is, at heart, a profoundly human endeavor Escaping the Competitive Herd. Esdaping Moon and John Quelch.

Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd

Changing the Way the World Moves B. Changing the Way the World Moves. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Finance Globalization Health Care. Finance General Management Marketing.

Different by Youngme Moon | : Books

Technology and Operations Management. Escaping the Competitive Herd by Youngme Moon. Print Find at Harvard Purchase.

About the Author Youngme Diferent. Delivering Customer Service Youngme Moon and John Quelch Starbucks, the dominant specialty-coffee brand in North America, must respond to recent market research indicating that the company is not meeting customer expectations in terms of service. To increase customer satisfaction, the company is debating a plan that would increase the amount of labor in the stores and theoretically increase speed-of-service. Moon, Youngme, and John Quelch.

Changing the Way the World Moves It describes a slew of controversial incidents besetting the company in early Cite View Details Related. Changing the Way the World Moves Youngme Moon InUber is building what may be the largest point-to-point transportation network of its kind; it is literally changing the way diffeerent world moves.


But unlike traditional transportation logistics companies like FedEx, Uber has an incredibly lightweight infrastructure: Instead, its network relies on peer-to-peer coordination between drivers and passengers, enabled by sophisticated software and a clever reputation system. But despite its remarkable early success, Uber is an extremely polarizing company. Compstitive business model is highly disruptive, escqping while disruptive innovation can be a good thing, it is also true that disruptive companies tend to break things.

This is certainly true for Uber and is one of the key tensions in the case: Uber’s innovative business model is outpacing many of the laws regulating its industry, and while it is going to take the regulatory system some time to catch up, Uber escapnig appear to be willing to wait.

Find at Harvard Purchase. Cite View Details Educators Purchase.

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