digsilent power factory learning tutorial objectives objectives of this tutorial are; to familiarise with the digsilent power factory user environment, to setup. DIgSILENT YouTube channel; Interactive introductory tutorial and various advanced functions tutorials; Complete and well-structured User Manual (+ . DIgSILENT has set standards and trends in power system modelling, analysis and simulation for more than 25 years. The proven advantages.

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For example, when creating a transformer, the user must create both a transformer type e. Digsilfnt can be done using the inc0 statement, which allows us to initialise a disconnected signal. The Python command object may contain objects or references to other objects available in the PowerFactory database.

Local title blocks can be created with information specific to the individual VI panel. Common models are created from within a data manager e. Therefore, close the graphics board prior to executing any Python scripts that will manipulate title block objects. An understanding of divsilent simulation, particularly the concepts of state-space representations and solutions to differential-algebraic equations DAE is also desirable, but not essential.

A voltage controller is also connected to the generator, controlling the terminal voltage of the machine by regulating rotor excitation.

The user must define what type of object the slot represents. Digailent, the incfix statement is only used for automatic calculation of initial conditions see Section 4. In the hydro turbine example, the integrator block is redrawn and the steady-state represen- tation is shown in Figure 4. It is sufficient to simply be aware that they exist and know that the definitions are here for reference.


General Software Information

Single model definition referenced by two common models dkgsilent Now suppose that one of the Basler voltage controllers is replaced with an AVK voltage con- troller.

To illustrate how to use the internal division search function, we can apply it to the wind turbine example above.

We can use the linear search function to find the value of vw that will yield a value of pw closest to its initial value: The objective is give a useful information about the PowerFactory use and increase penetration of this software at all level. A common model inherits the block diagram of dgisilent linked model definition, but has its own local parameter settings. The output yo is the steady state value yo,sswhich can be calculated from known initial ddigsilent e.

In most models, a number of variables or signals will need to be manually dogsilent. Manual initialisations must be entered in code form inside the equations window of the block definition dialog see Figure 4. This section describes how to use a Python script to manipulate Results files from dynamic simulations.

PowerFactory recognises whether the block definition is a composite frame or a model definition based on the first block or slot that is drawn in the diagram. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

We can use the internal division search function to find the value of vw that will yield a value of pw closest to its initial value: The output signal pt is digsileny from the generator element, but the input signal g is unknown, and must be manually initialised.

Please consider that the array has to be sorted in ascending order. The results file is structured as a 2d matrix as shown in the figure below. Tutorial presents all steps required to built the famous P.


This example shows the application modal analysis with Power Factory to P. The string format determines the details of the event call, and which of the three options above applies: Hydro turbine common model and parameters Figure 5.

Structure of an ElmRes object The number of rows represents the total number of time intervals for the simulation. An example showing the possible contents of a Python command object is shown in Figure 2. The CreateObject class name, object name function is used to create new objects. We also have the option of initialising the internal signals that make up g i. Process of simulation Part 1Part 2 Example of P.

PowerFactory – DIgSILENT

A composite frame contains the definitions of each slot, indicating the type of object that should be assigned to the slot. It can be seen as the design or blueprint for a piece of equipment e.

It is therefore necessary to specifically define the generator controls and their dynamic response to system disturbances. This becomes an issue when exporting the model and importing it to different PowerFactory databases.

The function AddVars can be used in one of two ways: Activate Note that if there are subfolders within the study case folder, then further processing needs to be done to access the study case objects within these subfolders. To create the object, you can use the AddCopy object name command. Comments or suggestions are welcome.

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