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Buy DIN CORROSION PROTECTION; CHROMATING OF ALUMINIUM; PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF TEST from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN Corrosion protection – Chromating of aluminium – Principles and methods of test. DIN › Complete Document History Corrosion protection .

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Chrome VI is poisonous, but handling chrome VI is technically completely controllable. Here the chrome xin is created from chrome III ions. It is suitable for producing a yellow – golden conversion coating that improves the paint adhesion as well as the anticorrosion properties when painted with powder and liquid paints. For processing works and components, we use our specialised, small powder coating line. Surf Strip Standard range product.

EcoClean AL Standard range product.

Powder coating

Powder coating Powder coating – that is our core business! Small volumes fit perfectly into our horizontal lines, where colour settings can fin modified extremely quickly. Electrostatic coating EPS at a processing voltage of 30 to kV; or electro kinetic coating tribocharging.

EcoClean AL Plus is a liquid Alkaline degreasing for all metals, especially for aluminum 2xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx and high concentration silicon alloys, removes oil, grease and dirt.

The post extrusures are provided with symetrical fixing runners for the fitting of fixing nuts, giving a wide DIN Edition, September Chromalising in the company Leistner We are specialists of chromalising aluminium and zinc-plated surfaces.


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The term chromalising describes the application of a protective layer in order dinn protect aluminium and zinc surfaces. What is the advantage of chromalising?

In yellow chromate coatings chrome is present as reactive substance in hexavalent form. Complete Document Chromating aluminium Principles and testing. DAL PF is a liquid acid cleaner-deoxidizer 50399 is used by immersion and spray plants, prior to further treatment such as Chromating and chrome free finishing. Chromalising is an independent protection against corrosion.

Yellow chromating – English

New generation biodegradable product, free of borate and phosphate salts, creates hydrophilic surfaces without attacking Aluminum. DIN Chromating aluminium Principles and testing Describes the principles of chromating aluminium rin and specifies methods of testing the chromate coatings. There the aluminium is degreased, pickled and passivated, in full correspondence with the DIN 550939 standard.

Minimizes the creation of deposits on heat exchange systems, as well on the surfaces of the installation. Green chromalising is the food-compatible kind of chromalising. Aloclean D Standard range product.

And we continue to be members of the Technical and Executive Committee of this globally recognised quality organisation. A powder coated surface makes aluminium one of the most widely and easily applicable materials. In Stock Need it fast? No further surface protection on top of this layer is required. It prepares the surfaces ideally to further treatment. M Coat Standard range product. We use cookies to make our website more userfriendly and to continually improve it.


Surf Pass C Standard range product. After chromalising the rinsing is in a triple cascade with desalinated water. A further layer such as the powder lacquering increases the resistance of the surface protection system even further. We are specialists of chromalising aluminium and zinc-plated surfaces.

Aloclean K Standard range product. Customised Wrapping of profiles Storage and transport. Chromalising in the company Leistner.

Surf Pass Ti Noc Standard range product. What is the disadvantage of chromalising? Here the two most common ways of chromalising are presented: Most backordered items can be rushed in from the publisher in as little as 24 hours.

>> Leistner Hans GmbH >> plastic coating whirl sinter

Alochrom B Standard range product. There are various ways of chromalising. Just think of the fittings of windows, which to a large part are only chromalised.

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