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DIN Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National. Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. Pellets produced by our company meet the requirements of GOST R and the requirements of European standards DIN EN ISO , EN ISO.

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Durability of wood and wood-based products – Performances criteria for curative wood preservatives as determined by biological tests; German version EN Boards tongued and grooved made of coniferous timber. The document specifies the methods of measuring features taken into account in the visual grading of sawn, processed and round timber for appearance or to assess its mechanical properties.

Measurement of sawn timber of broadleaved species. It also indicates the biological agencies relevant to each situation. Sign up for a meeting with our managers and you will have no doubt that you have made the right choice!

Asyne sheathing

Structural round timber – Test methods; German version EN Criteria for the assessment of conformity of a lot 68162 sawn timber; German version 681226 Structural timber, grading – Requirements for machine strength graded timber and grading machines; German version EN This document contains general terms used in European Standards relating to both round timber and sawn timber and the definitions of these terms.


This standard is only applicable to finger joints between timber members of the same species type.

The standard applies to dry and green sawn timber, of thickness 15 mm up to 34 mm and of width mm up to mm measured in a green state. Application to wood-based panels; German version EN Testing of wood; compression test parallel to grain.

The project lays down methods for the determination of characteristic 5-percentile values from test results and gives acceptance criteria for a sample. The paso-crest combination on the euro carriage is made according to the European standard deeper than on the xin GOST board.

Building lumber

This amendment gives the information that this standard applies also to European larches. This standard specifies requirements and test methods for grading machines for sawn timber according to DIN and DIN Sawn timber – Appearance grading of softwoods – Part 1: The document defines terms relating to dimensions of round 86126 used in European Standards.

Only exact compliance with the building lumber production technology allows to produce high quality finishing materials. Durability of wood and wood-based products – Preservative-treated solid wood – Part 1: Wood finger-jointing – Part 1: The document specifies requirements for the form, fit and assembly of joinery components in timber stairs, together with guidance in the selection of timber. Testing of wood; Impact bending test; Determination of impact bending strength.


The board is klibrovanny construction

Ddin softwood – Visual grading – Part 3: Planed boards and planks made of coniferous timber; dimensions. For each type and grade of panel product, as defined for example in an EN wood based panel standard, it is necessary to determine characteristic values of mechanical properties to enable it to be used for structural purposes.

Qualitative classification of softwood round timber – Part 3: The document defines general terms relating to round timber used in European Standards.

Structural timber – Strength classes – Assignment of visual grades and species; German version EN For special use of timber special standards are applicable regarding the strength grading: This standard specifies requirements for bonded finger joints and minimum requirements for the manufacture of cut, interlocking, bonding finger joints in structural timber members.

Testing of wood; determination of moisture content. The document identifies the characteristics for which, as a minimum, limits shall be given in visual grading rules. Round timber – Requirements for measurement and volume calculation rules; German version prEN 86126 Sawn timber used in industrial packaging – Permitted deviations and preferential sizes; German version EN

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