Dion Fortune’s classic, The Mystical Qabalah, explores all aspects of the Qabalah , including the esoteric sciences of astrology and tarot, which form the basis of. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Dion Fortune’s classic, The Mystical Qabalah, explores all aspects of the Qabalah, including the esoteric sciences of astrology. Aug 13, The file you are currently looking at is Part I of Dion Fortune’s The Mystical Qabalah. I have spent many hours on making this document ready.

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The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune

It does get a bit repetitive, but only to induce several mantras that end up being really effective when used. Even in our digital age, there is more to the art of making decent books than simply running off a few hundred pages fortun OCR-ed text and then binding them with a slick cover!

Pay no attention to the “Date Added” and “Date Finished” above. The Qabalah is a very complex system, mtstical one can spend liftimes studying it. It is an important tool in learning to use the intuition to explore the archetypal realms of divine life.

However, I certainly wouldn’t recommend this to others for purchase, nor would I buy a similar edition from Amazon again.

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She is not as hip amongst neo-occult, post-wicca circles–probably due to a cultural bias which elevates the contributions of male fortjne to high art when men cook they are chefs, when they make crafts they are artisans, et al. Aug 23, Gwyndyllyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: A second attempt with more focus is needed, but for now other texts await.


As a mysticall for the student of mysticism, the book is indispensable. Jan 14, Gabriel Clarke rated it really liked it Shelves: The author, Dion Fortune, was one of the leading figures in the Western esoteric tradition during the first half of the twentieth century.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Unfortunately, as mystical as Fortune was, she was still a product of her time. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

A clear explanation of the philosophical structure of the Hermetic Kabbalah, filled with easily-understandable but profound analogies and metaphors to point the way towards true diln. Oct 27, Amanda rated it it was amazing. It is, in some ways very logically organized, but then in others seems to dive off into tangents that make its use as a reference somewhat complicated.

I was already somewhat familiar with the content anyway, having owned an earlier edition that was regrettably nicked while I was at University; so I find I’m generally able to reconstruct the garbled text, or otherwise work around the egregious proofreading errors.

: The Mystical Qabalah (): Dion Fortune: Books

This unique book, written by a serious student of an established school of the Western traditions dispenses with the absurdities of unnecessary concealment, and lays out tye the reader a practical guide to the Kabbalah and its associations. This is a very thorough survey and guided tour through qanalah Qabalistic Tree of Life as practiced by occultists of the Golden Dawn variety.

This printing of Dion Fortune’s seminal work has obviously been produced by scanning an earlier version, using OCR Optical Character Recognition software. Paperbackpages. I would recommend this to anyone getting into these teachings as a sound basis.


Still a good compendium of basic information, despite the dated language. For example, for each sphere it will have the title, magickal image, Yetzirach text, titles given to the sphere, the God-name, the Archangel, the Order of Angels, mundane chakra, spiritual vision, virtue, vice, correspondences thr microcosm, symbols, tarot cards, and associated colours.

The one complaint I have has to do with some caustically casual racist remarks that are sprinkled throughout the volume. Mar 15, Ayisha rated it really liked it.

Mar 01, Eyre rated it it was amazing. An Illustrated Study in Magic.

The Mystical Qabalah

The only exception I take is to the section on Yesod that needs updating due to out of date scientific analogies. I lamented that it was far too much to get through qablah the timebut when I picked it up again approximately a year ago, I wondered what the hell my juvenile self had found such issue with. Start reading The Mystical Qabalah on your Kindle in under a minute. Fortune seems very relevant to me, though, for I feel even the most cynical postmodern could relate to her occult-as-meditation approach.

But then, maybe that just goes with the territory. Mar 12, Tepintzin rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 13, Fredstrong rated it it was amazing Recommends it for:

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