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The present invention concerns chocolate compositions comprising components capable of imparting a sour taste attribute. The invention relates to a particle sensor ; bkorreactores b; c; d having a main bodya particle charging device for charging particles in a fluid flow A1 flowing over a first surface a of the main bodyand a trap electrode for deflecting charged particles of the fluid flow A1wherein the particle charging device and the trap electrode are enximologia on the first surface a of the main biorreactires An exhaust gas recirculation valve 50 is arranged in the exhaust gas recirculation duct The primary power source is adapted to supply power on demand to a load.

The present invention relates to a method for synthesizing a semiconducting nanosized material, a semiconducting nanosized material obtainable by the method, optical medium and an optical device. According to the invention, the energy supply 10 of the mobile camera unit 1, 1′ has a wireless energy receiving unit 17 which is designed to interact with an energy transmission unit 2.

The present system is configured to absorb, using a fluid medium in a reservoir, electromagnetic radiation to heat the fluid medium. The invention relates to a temperature control system for an electrical energy storage unit, in particular for a vehicle with an electric drive, which storage unit comprises a housing having a receiving part for battery modules and a housing base and housing walls, and a cover part closing the receiving part.

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The path limiter 14 is arranged, in terms of the position thereof relative to the reference plane Bcloser to the reference plane B than the distance point 21 of the receiving section 3. The invention relates to a gait training device comprising a treadmill comprising a belt and rolling partsand a frame on which the treadmill is mounted, dizeo rolling parts comprising: The invention comprises a process for the preparation of therapeutically valuable GalNAc cluster oligonucleotide conjugates.

The superstructure has an oval-shaped plan profile, the oval having a greater degree of curvature at the first end region than at the second end region. A method for monitoring a cylinder pressure sensor 11 is proposed, in which method the sensor value is checked for admissibility and inadmissibility in a predefinable crankshaft angle range, when admissibility is detected the cylinder pressure sensor 11 is used further and when inadmissibility is detected the cylinder pressure sensor 11 is deactivated.

The converter device comprises a charger circuit configured to charge the energy storage device and a microcontroller circuit configured to control the charger circuit. The invention relates to a box system 1 having four side walls 4, 10biorfeactores base panel 3and a lid 5 for transporting goods, wherein by means of an immovable hinge geometry 8 the individual elements dlseo in each case connected by means of a solid rod 6The box system 1 comprises five rectangular plastic elements, namely the base panel 3two short side parts 4two long side parts 10optionally having a lid 5and eight solid rods 6 of different lengths which are extruded and cut to length for connecting enzimolotia elements.

A lens structure is formed over the set of light sources having a light diffusing output area and reflecting side walls extending between the light sources and the light diffusing output area. The method has the steps of initializing 7 a counter value, counting 8 units of data 4wherein the counter value changes for each unit of data 4and adding 12, 14 a CRC value into the data packet 1 when the counter value reaches a reference value or all of the units of data 4 in the data packet 1 have already been counted.


Tecnológico de Monterrey

The invention further relates to a tempered melt-blown nonwoven produced by means of said method, preferably a tempered voluminous melt-blown nonwoven. It has been found that the presence of an auxiliary compound selected from ethylenediamine EDAmonoethanolamine MEA and mixtures thereof leads to a substantial increase of the reaction rate as compared to a process wherein the auxiliary compound is not present.

The invention relates to a dishwasher 1in particular a domestic dishwasher, comprising a washing container 3 having a washing region 4said container receiving the items to be washed 5and a heat pump device 9 which comprises an evaporator 13 arranged inside a tank 16 filled with water The invention further relates to a method, an instrument receiving device and a coupling element.

The invention relates to a metering device 15 for dispensing molded cleaning-agent bodies 18 into a washing chamber 4 of a domestic dishwasher 1comprising a reservoir 17 for holding a fill of the molded cleaning-agent bodies 18a cell wheel 25 for actively transporting the molded cleaning-agent bodies 18 from the reservoir 17 into the washing chamber 4and a supply apparatus 31 for supplying the molded cleaning-agent bodies 18 to the cell wheel 25the supply apparatus 31 being designed to supply the molded cleaning-agent bodies 18 to the cell wheel 25 parallel to an axis of rotation 32 of the cell wheel.

A method of dislodging contamination from a part of an apparatus used in a patterning process, the method including: Further, a method for producing such a glazing 10 is provided.

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The invention also concerns a device for implementing the method and the use of the method and the device for effluents emanating, in particular, from acids, bases, oxidising liquids, odorous products or organic solvents.

Enzijologia stabilizer leg device with a stabilizer leg to be moved down- wards from an object so as to stabilize the object by bearing through a foot plate 7 on the ground.

The first and second cooling plates are arranged at opposite sides of the coil to be in thermal contact with the coil. The number of second data packets 17a, 17b, 17c is based on the first counter value 23and each of the second data packets 17a, 17b, 17c is assigned to one of the data bus participants 7a, 7b, The first input node Ea of the differential operational amplifier is connected to a first current path and the second input node Eb of the differential operational amplifier is connected to a second current path In this case, the retaining elements arranged successively are arranged offset from one another in the circumferential direction at an angle W1.

The invention provides an system comprising i a light source configured to provide radiationwherein the radiation at least comprises UV radiation; ii a waveguide element comprising a radiation exit windowwherein the waveguide element is configured to receive at least part of the radiation and to radiate at least part of the radiation to the exterior of the waveguide element via the radiation exit window and configured to internally reflect part of the radiation at the radiation exit window ; iii an optical sensor configured to sense an internal reflection intensity I of the internally reflected radiation ; and iv a control systemfunctionally coupled to the optical sensor, and configured to reduce the intensity of the radiation as function of reaching a predetermined first threshold of a reduction of the internal reflection intensity I over a time.

A method, in a telecommunications system, for alerting a trusted party of a location of user equipment in the event of a loss of communication between the user equipment and a base station, the method comprising providing a set of contact details for a set of trusted parties, maintaining a log of user equipment location relative to the base station and transmitting a message to one or more of the trusted parties a preconfigured period of time after a loss of communication between the user equipment and the base station.


The superstructure comprises a first end region configured to cover a nuclear reactor in a containment structure, a second end region opposite the first end region and configured to cover a cooling water pump house, and a central region between the first and second end regions and configured to cover a turbine hall.

A task to be performed in relation to a patient is then identified based on the patient characteristics, the test subject characteristics and one or more tasks performed on the test subjects. The second rope is provided at its one end with a thickening that prevents the second rope from slipping back through the tube or tubes.

The compressed gas store has a wall with enzjmologia compressive strength of at least 0. The sour taste imparting component of the present invention was found to produce particularly beneficial results in chocolate confectionery products wherein a fruit-flavoured component or composition is present.

A building chamber is provided for the generative manufacturing of components by laser deposition welding, wherein material in powder form thereby supplied is supplied by means of a powder tube. The invention also relates to a method and a device for checking a corresponding received data packet.

The invention further describes a corresponding data bus subscriber 7a, 7b, The invention relates to a method and an adapter for adapting a microscope objective 25 to an electronic interface 16 of a digital microscope 2wherein the method comprises the following steps: Process for making an electrode active material for a lithium ion battery, said process comprising the following steps: A first end of the contact pin is adapted to be plugged into an opening of a pin strip of the plug connector, the contact pin having at least four retaining elements which are moulded on the base body.

Disclosed is a method for the recovery of nucleic acids from a solid support, the method comprising the steps, in any suitable order, of: The third yy part is connected to the first lid part in an articulated manner via a first joint connection with a first joint axis, and the third biorreacotres part is connected to the second lid part in an articulated manner via a second joint connection with a second joint axis.

The annular porous wall segment is provided at the base of the shaped segment.

A seatbelt retractor comprises a frame 10a belt reel 12 which is mounted rotatably in the frame 10 and has a first end 16 and an opposing second end 17and a locking mechanism 18 which is situated on an end face of the belt reel 12 and by means of which the belt reel 12 can be locked in the frame Biorreactores present invention provides a method of predicting emergence of colitis ulcerosa or detecting a predisposition to colitis ulcerosa in a subject comprising providing a sample from the subject, borreactores detecting autoantibodies of the subject directed against antigens of colitis ulcerosa in the sample.

Colecciones nacionales e internacionales de patentes. The invention relates to a LIDAR device for scanning a scanning region with at least two beams, comprising at least two beam sources for generating at least two beams, comprising a generation optics system for shaping the at least one generated beam, comprising a receiver unit for receiving and evaluating at least one beam reflected on an object, and comprising an optical bandpass filter for absorbing interfering reflections, wherein each beam source generates at least one beam having a wavelength that can be adjusted according to an emission angle of the at least one beam.

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