Get this from a library! Diversion planning: or how to navigate around the world using just a stopwatch and a pencil!. [Martyn Smith]. [Archive] PPL Diversions Private Flying. Alternatively, buy a copy of Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith for £ It solved everything for me. Diversion Planning or how to Navigate around the World using just a stopwatch and pencil. Smith, Martyn. Published by Published by the author, Price.

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Lastly, we have an adage in GASCo which is a very useful when it comes to pre-flight planning:. All the other advice given in this thread is why glider pilots don’t trust smjth pilots to be keeping a decent lookout. I was then given a steer by the helpful Ipswich ATCO and got back safely; I was the only one still airborne and by then the weather was quite dank.

I was taught to mark the map with the desired track, if I’m about three degrees left of track after ten minutes add six deg to heading for ten minutes, then take three off for the rest of the leg. When the unexpected happens, my IQ gets closer to single digits than three, so it really helps to do the thinking on the ground beforehand, so that in the air I can just choose which plan to follow.

This is the method I was taught and find very useful. If the wind estimate is wrong and you fly according to the plog then you will definitely, on some occasion, drift off track and then have to make a course correction. If not – would have continued to follow the coast and landed at another airport – or in the worst case in a field.


Sat Dec 23, If it is to get to the nearest airport than the nearest function on the GPS is your first step. Getting any sort of “feel” or instinct for navigation, for me, did not come from the use of GPS, but from studying the effect of the wind on an aircraft’s progress over the ground.

My qualifying cross country was back in Write them down somewhere on your kneeboard for reference. You are now approaching controlled airspace.

Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith – Navigation – Pilot Warehouse

As always, sound advice and comment from a very experienced pilot. Boy, was I glad there was an instructor in the RHS who could fly the airplane in the meantime. At Sywell I was taught to use the knightson computer for diversions: This was a LAA type with minimal instruments so alternatives such as climbing not a good option of course if you are not trained and current in IF were not available.

Please respect our commenting policy and guidelines when posting on this website. Options 22 posts 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2 22 posts. Never never hesitate to ask for help. I would heartily recommend foxmoth’s “bottom of the DI” trick, I learned it through viversion. But in power I can still remember a flight up from Florida with two remarkably calm and tolerant passengers, sailing people.

Should have time to give accurate lat and long co-ords. Tue Dec 11, Consult the wind-star again for the groundspeed.

Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith

With that in mind use a CPM 1 to find the time it will take to fly to the point of diversion – with that you can work out your eta. I suggest you keep your head in the cockpit for the minimum amount of time you diverxion.


When lost dial up I learned something from this. Applying this to the desired track will give a drift angle to stay on track and a groundspeed, hence Eta. All good advice on how to pass the flight test. Even if it makes the flight five minutes longer.

Actually, instead of a wind star I simply keep my E6B, with the wind dot still plotted on it from creating the plog, in my tri-fold kneeboard. Now the most important part You can then interpolate when you know the actual distance and groundspeed. I say fiversion booklet is badly titled as it is really a complete system of navigation in it’s plannng right and the next step up from the PPL.

Learning to fly, or thinking of learning?

Methods of Navigation – Page 3 – FLYER Forums

Sat Mar 01, What you learn for the PPL is the starting point for Navigation, the bare minimum. NATS maintained excellent safety and smih standards with solid financial performance. Guess a wind correction, if it’s strong enough to worry about – for a PPL test, as opposed to a real life diversion, you’ll have flown long enough before the diversion to have sussed out the wind you’ve drawn the forecast wind arrow and written the speed on your map, haven’t you.

Well quite, you can play computer games rather more divrrsion on the ground. You won’t have 5 days.

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