Its presentation as a giant Meckel’s diverticulum (>5 cm) is rare and is Publisher: El divertículo de Meckel corresponde a la persistencia. Intussusception secondary to Meckel’s diverticulum in a 3-month-old girl. Case reportInvaginación intestinal secundaria a diverticulo de Meckel en niña de 3. Int. J. Morphol., 25(3), CASE REPORT. Meckel’s Diverticulum. A Case Report. Divertículo de Meckel. Reporte de Caso. Sampath Madhyastha.

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After hemodynamic stabilization, we indicated surgical intervention.

Charles Brunicardi, Dana K. The laparoscopic approach is appropriate when DM is suspected, as the entire abdominal cavity can be explored with the minimum possible surgical trauma. Sign up divertoculo a FREE trial. Concise colour medical dictionary 5th ed.

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Meckel’s diverticulitis is frequently misdiagnosed as appendicitis. Surgical management of Meckel’s diverticulum. Two retrospective studies of patients diagnosed with Meckel’s diverticulum also reached this conclusion Leijonmarck et al, Recurrent torsion of a giant Meckel’s diverticulum. Therefore, other tests such as colonoscopy and screenings for bleeding disorders should be performed, and angiography can assist in determining the location and severity of bleeding.

Furthermore, the patient can develop hypovolemic shock.

Congenital disorders of digestive system Diseases of divedticulo General surgery Medical mnemonics. In cases of isolated small bowel ulceration alternative etiologies to CD should be carefully investigated since IBD treatments carry significant costs and side effects for patients.


Surgery,http: Larsen’s human embryology 4th ed. In our case report the presence of multiple ulcers, some of those serpiginous, in the terminal ileum and the fact that single-balloon enteroscopy did not detect MD, conducted to a false hypothesis of inflammatory bowel disease IBD.

Ulcerated Meckel’s diverticulum | Gastroenterología y Hepatología

The abdomen had severe rigidity, decreased bowel sounds, pain on diffuse palpation meckkel on maneuver sudden decompression. And the risk of djverticulo is 4. Rarely, a Meckel’s diverticulum containing ectopic pancreatic tissue can present with abdominal pain and increased serum amylase levels, mimicking acute pancreatitis.

Therefore, during appendectomy, ileum should be checked for the presence of Meckel’s diverticulum, if it is found to be present it should be removed along with appendix. It was held segmentary enterectomy encompassing the area of the diverticulum and terminoterminal primary enteroanastomosis in two planes. Am J Gastroenterol, 89pp.

Patients with these misplaced gastric cells may experience peptic ulcers as a consequence. Preoperative detection of symptomatic MD requires a high index suspicion, and arrangement mekcel the diagnostic tests. He denied abdominal pain, episodes of diarrhea or use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The vitelline duct narrows progressively and disappears between the 5th and 8th weeks gestation.

Inflamm Bowel Dis, 17pp. Choose one of the access methods below or take a look at our subscribe or free trial options. The surgical technique performed was diverticulectomy and enterorrhaphy in 37 patients Lymphatic follicles were also observed in submucosa.


Burjonrappa S, Khaing P. This appears as a mechanical obstruction of the small intestine with distension, diffuse abdominal pain, vomiting and constipation, the pathophysiological mechanism being a volvulus or intussusception 2. Biopsies at first colonoscopy revealed non-specific ileitis. From the archives of the AFIP.

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Surgical pathology associated with Meckel’s diverticulum in a tertiary hospital. The diagnosis must be considered in any patient with unexplained abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or gastrointestinal bleeding 5.

Vomiting, abdominal pain and severe or complete constipation. We will respond to all feedback. If diagnostic angiography and conventional endoscopy do not reveal the cause of lower gastrointestinal bleeding, capsule endoscopy 14 may be performed, although its value in the acute process is limited 8.

Material and methods We present a series of 45 cases undergoing surgery in the general and paediatric surgery units of our hospital between January and January The interior showed circular mucous folds, which were similar to that of the proximal part of the ileum Fig. Complete blood count revealed leukocytosis important, not found electrolyte disturbances and serum amylase was within normal parameters.

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