Discover the magic of simplicity in this international bestseller, available for the first Dominque Loreau is the master in the art of de-cluttering and simplifying. Until I found The Art of Simplicity. Dominique Loreau’s book, which has been translated from it’s native French and brings together the simplicity. If simplicity is an art, then Dominique Loreau is a master. Having lived in Japan for many years and inspired by oriental philosophy, Dominique.

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I do not recommend this book. But, this is not the case here.

The Art of Simplicity – Japan with a dash of Paris | Who stole my croissant

Follow me on Facebook. Organizational psychologist and executive coach Rebecca Newton has found that even her most successful clients still want more of one quality: Honestly, read something else.

Usually, I love books like this, they help to inspire and fominique good intentions, point me in the right direction to make a change and look at things fresh and anew. It was so pretentious, contradictory, and frankly sexist. Clotilde wants the trip to do two things – to help exorcise her past, and to build a bridge between her and her daughter. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

L’art de la Simplicite (The English Edition) : How to Live More With Less

Dominique Loreau is a French essayist who has lived in Japan since the s. At worst, the author spouts her damaging advice about food, body image and feminine ideals as if they are scientific evidence just a heads up that this review will discuss those issues. You know, how you apreciate things you have and be less consuming then be in peace. Striving to be better is a healthy goal, but lpreau must determine for ourselves what the best version of us is like as opposed to mindlessly following the advice of someone loreu, if she saw us in everyday life, would likely pass judgment on us before knowing us.


The book is geared toward women, which gave me the following impression: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. When am I happiest? Her understanding of Japanese culture is deeply flawed, and xenophobic. I never write book reviews, but I have never wanted to throw a book away as quickly as this one either, so I feel a review is warranted. I have decided this year I will not waste my time finishing books I only feel meh about.

You will feel energised, more confident and free.

Simplify your home, empty your wardrobe, abandon compulsive purchases, eat more frugally but better, take care of your body and mind. Simplify your home, empty your wardrobe, abandon compulsive purchases, eat more frugally but better, simpkicity care of your body and mind. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

I understand that the author is writing this from the perspective of someone who has lived in both French and Japanese culture, but most of this book felt like simpljcity propaganda to me.

I’m starting to think this is a propaganda to revert back to a s sexist housewife trope. What an utterly ridiculous book. Nourishing the Heart Part 3: Abandonnez vos achats compulsifs!

The book is full of random thoughts, self-contradictions and repetitions, some of which seem not to be related to minimalism at all, such as the author’s beliefs that women should be focused mostly on their health and looks or arguing oof everything you buy should be most expensive, as it definitely means the best quality – really?


Ep 44 — Work and the Hidden Shame of Judgement. This is something you read with glee because there’s someone more pretentious than you and you can have a giggle about them. There really aart no words, well one, arrogance.

L’art de la Simplicite (The English Edition) : Dominique Loreau :

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Nu cred ca viata este in alb si negru si n-am crezut niciodata in sfaturile de viata universal valabile, asadar, pentru mine, aceasta carte a fost o pierdere de timp. Having lived lorea Japan for many years and inspired by oriental philosophy, Dominique Loreau discovered the beauty of a life well lived through the art of simplicity.

Discover the magic of simplicity o this international bestseller, available for the first time in English. There are so many contradictions in this book that by the end I was exhausted and over it.

Although worded in much more flowery language, she advocates starvation, and self-denial or punishment for indulging in too much food previously.

With interiors whitewashed to laboratory standard and monochrome making yet another comeback, the minimalist aesthetic is very much en vogue — but what if we could style our thoughts with the same restraint, clarity and calm?

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