Thread: Dorian Yates – Blood and Guts routine and I cant find his book anywhere, should it be in all major book chains or what? i might have. Terrific book! I grabbed my copy as soon as it became available. It covers all the bases on what it takes, and took Dorian, to achieve size in a simple. Find great deals on eBay for Dorian Yates in Magazine Back Issues and BLOOD AND GUTS bodybuilding muscle book Mr Olympia DORIAN YATES + 2 Color.

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We even learn of Yates’ decision to use performance-enhancing drugs, with brief details of what — but not exact dosages — he used to help take a step towards the professional arena. I told my doctor I was taking steroids and wanted to have my health monitored Dorian Yates.

Dorian Yates: Books | eBay

Trackbacks […] Dorian Yates former Mr. Eggs are a great source of fat for bodybuilders, always be sure to throw in a few egg yellows with your egg whites. It reacts to stress by building bigger and stronger muscles.

Where did he share this workout of his? Get to Know Us. Dorian Yates uses the same basic bodybuilding exercises that everybody else uses.

Blood and Guts by Dorian Yates

Yatess offer for details. The amount of warmup sets you need depend on how strong you are per exercise. At the moment I just eat a high protein diet and drink whey shakes.


My husband watches this quite often and says it is a great training video to see. It gives what I would agree is an honest take on how Dorian trained and what supplementation he used to assist him along the way.

The Hardcore Dorian Yates Diet and Workout Routine

A typical bulking cycle would be 1,mg testosterone doriaj, mg deca weekly, 20mg dianabol daily, and a little HGH. Gabriel Votteler rated it it was amazing Feb 18, New in our Immortals series! Recovery is the name of the game, you don’t get big from lifting weights only, you get big from allowing the muscles to recover from your workouts. I grew up on this shit. Such was the regard in which Dorian Yates is still held by anyone with a remote interest in lifting weights or constructing their physique.

Preview — Blood and Guts by Dorian Yates. For a genetically slim build at 5ft 11″ the results were very satisfying.

It covers all the bases on what it takes, and took Dorian, to achieve size in a simple, no-nonsense manner. The intention of his working yatez was to go past the point of failure and beyond.

The Dorian Yates routine is not a routine for the every-day man, it is a routine for the intense man.

They crossed paths during one of Yates’ many trips to the mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym, in Las Vegas during the s. ABS — Dorian did a small amount of ab work, using body-weight exercises only, but he did not use additional weight.


Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates biography Yates at his Temple Gym in Birmingham, going through the pain of barbell squats. New for and original content. After his one working set, Dorian was completely spent and any additional set after this one all-out set would be pointless.

You can use 2 tablespoons per day of omega fats per day fish oil, coconut oil etc. When starting out, do his routine exactly as described. I refused to sorian anything interfere with my workouts. See All Buying Options.

Bodybuilding is not an endurance sport, it’s about training hard, heavy, and intense enough to stimulate muscle growth. It is clear from this book that the ‘blood and guts’ style discipline adhered to by Yates during his monk-like existence while competing was almost feared by his peers at the time.

What about videos of him and his long time training partner doing flat benchpress and incline? Open Preview See a Problem? Yates was my inspiration, where most had Schwarzenegger.

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