DOT-SP Special Permit Packages are designed, tested, and certified for shipping Packing Group I, II, and III Hazardous Materials. The Special Permit. Berlin Packaging DOT SP PACKAGING SHIP BOX DFS Item. Manufacturer: Berlin Packaging HMS DG HMS ZERO 32OZ W/ABSORB(PP POUCH). Utilize our Special Permit, DOT-SP , to ship approved hazardous materials without labeling, placarding, or segregation domestically, or meet the 4GV.

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Allyl isothiocyanate, stabilized Ammonium arsenate Aniline Aniline hydrochloride Antimony compounds, inorganic, solid, n.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, dot-xp empty packaging containing only the residue of a hazardous material shall be offered for transportation and transported in the same manner as when it previously contained a greater quantity of that hazardous material.

Batteries contained in devices must be securely installed. For liquids that are in Division 4.

Each inner packaging may contain no more than strike-anywhere matches and must be packed in outer steel drums 1A2aluminum drums 1B2steel jerricans 3A2wooden 4C1, 4C2plywood 4Dreconstituted wood 4F or fiberboard 4G boxes, plywood 1D or fiber 1G drums. For transportation by aircraft, for Division 5. The articles must be packed to prevent movement within the container during transportation.

The inner packagings or flasks must be packed in steel drums 1A1, 1A2metal, other than steel or aluminum drums 1N1, 1N2steel jerricans 3A2wooden boxes 4C1, 4C2plywood boxes 4Dreconstituted wood boxes 4Ffiberboard boxes 4Gmetal, other than steel or aluminum boxes 4Nplastic boxes 4H2plywood drums 1D or fiber drums 1G. Multiple-element gas container or MEGC means assemblies of UN cylinders, tubes, or bundles of cylinders interconnected by a manifold and assembled within a framework.

Break-bulk means packages of hazardous materials dot-ssp are handled individually, palletized, or unitized for purposes of transportation as opposed to bulk and containerized freight. Completing the ShipSafeShipSmart online hazardous materials training program.

Battery terminals must not be relied upon to support any part of the superimposed weight and must not short out if a conductive material is placed odt-sp direct contact with them. Assembled for shipment, dot-zp bottom edges of the slipcover must come to within 2.

This mark should never be covered or obstructed by labels or other information. The term includes all service equipment and structural equipment necessary for the transport of gases. At the end of 96 hours, remove the lighters from the oven and place them in the same desiccator and allow the lighters to cool to ambient temperature.

Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP, 1 Liter Bottle | Labelmaster

Once assembled it remains thereafter dt-sp integrated single unit; it is filled, stored, shipped and emptied as such. A lithium cell or battery is excepted from the requirements of a 1 of this section when transported by motor vehicle for purposes of testing. For these packages the subsidiary hazard label must be displayed within 6 inches of the primary hazard label. A letter on company letterhead indicating who is responsible for hazardous materials training at your company and confirming that your employees have received the required training.


Each hazmat employee shall receive safety training concerning— i Emergency response information required by subpart G of part ; ii Measures to protect the employee from the hazards associated with hazardous materials to which they may be exposed in the work place, including specific measures the hazmat employer has implemented to protect employees from exposure; and iii Methods and procedures for avoiding accidents, such as the proper procedures for handling packages containing hazardous materials.

The following applies to accumulators, which are hydraulic accumulators containing nonliquefied, nonflammable gas, and nonflammable liquids or pneumatic accumulators containing nonliquefied, nonflammable gas, fabricated from materials which will not fragment upon rupture.

District 16 Alder Michael J. Crate means an outer packaging with incomplete surfaces. The inner packagings must be arranged and protected so as to prevent simultaneous ignition of the contents. Until December 31,Except for a material that has a subsidiary hazard of Division 6. The shipper is required to transmit hazardous material shipping information using a FedEx electronic shipping solution, a FedEx-recognized hazardous materials vendor software application, a FedEx Compatible Solutions Program application or a custom solution that has the ability to transmit hazardous material shipping information electronically.

Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP-9168, 8 oz. Bottle

Loosely packaged batteries should be placed in plastic bags, or the battery terminals should be covered with tape or another non-conductive material. Detonator assemblies, non-electric Detonator assemblies, dot-sl Ammunition, dot-xp Ammunition, proof Detonators for ammunition Detonators for ammunition Detonators for ammunition Fuzes, detonating Fuzes, igniting Warheads, rocket Warheads, rocket Warheads, rocket Grenades, practice Signal devices, hand Sounding devices, explosive Sounding devices, dot-ssp Primers, tubular Primers, cap type Primers, cap type Cases, cartridges, empty with primer Articles, pyrophoric Cartridges, power device Components, explosive train, n.

If not, a separate telephone number must be indicated dto-sp each package. Condition see all Condition. The maximum quantity in an outer package, including a hazardous material used to preserve or stabilize a sample, may not exceed 4 L 1 gallon or 4 kg 8. Non-Sport Trading Cards 3. Magazine vessel means a vessel used for the receiving, storing, or dispensing of explosives. The DOT Proper Shipping Name Hazardous materials packages may be required to be marked with additional information depending on the contents.

By selecting “Yes” you are requesting that we treat your email address that you have provided to this list as confidential and you are also stating that you would not participate in this service if the City is obligated to release your cot-sp address to such third party requesters.

Freight container means a reusable container having a volume of 64 cubic feet or more, designed and constructed to permit being lifted with its contents intact and intended primarily for containment of packages in unit form during transportation.


US DOT Exemption Package DOT-SP (Single Unit)

A specification packaging, including a UN standard packaging manufactured in the United States, must conform in all details to the applicable specification or standard in part do-sp part of this subchapter. The driver will turn in the FedEx Ground copy of the hazardous materials certification odt-sp the facility management to be filed in a Shipper’s Hazardous Materials Certification file for 13 months.

Substances, explosive, very insensitive, n. The OPLL must be computer generated. For proficiency testing only, generic microbiological descriptions such as bacteria, mycobacteria, fungus, and viral samples may be used.

At a minimum, the test report must contain the following information: Each package must conform to the packaging requirements of subpart B of this part and may not exceed 30 kg 66 pounds gross weight. Inner receptacle means a receptacle which requires an outer packaging in order to perform its containment function. This subpart prescribes requirements for training hazmat employees. No more than one device is authorized in the packaging prescribed in paragraph e 12 or 3 of this section.

Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP-9168

The examination must be performed by a person who is approved by the Associate Administrator under the provisions of subpart H of part of this chapter and who— i Has directly, or through an employee involved in the examination at least ten years of experience in the examination, testing and evaluation of explosives; ii Does not manufacture or market explosives, and is not controlled by or financially dependent on any entity that doot-sp or markets explosives, and whose work with respect to explosives is limited to examination, testing and evaluation; and iii Is a resident of the United States.

A UN portable tank must be capable of being filled and discharged without the removal of its structural equipment and must be capable of being lifted when full. Inner and outer packaging quantity ddot-sp for packages are as follows: A material that meets the definition of a material poisonous by inhalation may not be offered for transportation or transported under provisions of this section.

Technical name means a recognized chemical name or microbiological name currently used in scientific and technical handbooks, journals, and texts. Provide proof that you have been trained in shipping hazardous materials in accordance with federal requirements 49 CFR A hazardous material which meets the definition of a Division 5.

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