Franz Simandl (August 1, – December 15, ) was a double-bassist and pedagogue most remembered for his book New Method for the Double Bass. The older, established double bass method here is without a doubt the New Method for String Bass by Franz Simandl. This tried and true double bass. F. Simandl – New Method for Double Bass (Max Ebert).pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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The Vance Progressive Repertoire method actually dovetails neatly into the world of traditional double bass pedagogical repertoire, since the last piece introduced in Book 3 is the Dragonetti Concerto. This page was last edited on 15 Augustat Michael Schneider from Zimandl, Germany.

Right know I wrote a small book containing 12 studies simanddl melodic and very fun, wiht a very small difficulty in the left hand and lots of hard work on the bow.

Long discussions of technical issues are to be avoided at all costs. I completely agree with you about the Boring thing when starting bass studies.

It would certainly be very difficult to make signifcant progress in the Rabbath technique using a large, wide shouldered, heavy bass with a straight endpin. Right know I like to publish my small book, because many people of different countries asked me for it mostly latinamerican countries because the text its in spanish Maybe you can help me contact some editorial that you think they will be interested on.

Comments Another interesting, and very extensive topic. An active double bass performer and teacher, Jason is a member of the Board of Directors for the International Society of Bassists.

In my teaching I am going to try to mix it up more. Rabbath is liberation of old minded teachers and players.


As Rouble had student after student play them for me in lessons I have taught a LOT of private lesson students I came to two conclusions:. To really appreciate the simandl and get the maximum result out of it, I feel one really needs to already have a basic knowledge of the bass.

Rabbath versus Simandl – a comparative study for double bass – Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog

This was a revelation. This is my personal experience. The use of the ring finger helps develop advanced technique in the middle register very quickly if applied diligence. If poor techniques are ingrained at duoble early age they are almost impossible to fix. He is a truly creative artist speaking in a compelling original voice. One of the difficulties with our instrument is how non-standardized it is in so many ways.

I still have to work to remember it after all these years. Subscribe to get our weekly newsletter covering the double bass world. He was Professor of double-bass douvle the Vienna Conservatory from to I had somehow acquired enough basic technique on my own over the years that I really just jumped into some rather serious literature.

The instrument was wonderfully resonant. The fingering for whole step-half step sequence, and for a half step-whole step sequence was both natural and essential to my technique for fifths playing.

It is not a young student-friendly book. Views Read Edit View history. The Simandl New Method teaches a bass player all of the necessary skills to play orchestral music. Thanks for the comparison, I never realized how lucky I was to have parents that were so progressive by putting me in classes with George.

To be fair, I have always loved watching Rabbath himself play and have enjoyed listening to his recordings. The second volume also delves extensively into the playing of harmonics. So they work with the formal method with all the boring but necesary studies, but they have a complementary etude each month that its on their level but its really fun and serves as a solo piece to peform on a recital. I shall check these out when I get my hands on them.


Thanks for sharing, John! There was an error submitting your subscription. I bass player friend of mine came over and mentioned the Rabbath Method. Many of his ideas seem ill-conceived to me, from his advocating collapsing of the left hand fingers to his extremely specific ideas regarding instrument shape and size, the use of the French bow, and advocacy of bent end pins.

I find the biggest issue with teaching especially, young students is that you and they are always under the gun to learn the music for the upcoming concert…orchestra or solo. Nor me or somebody else in the world would be inspired by Simandl in that way.

Franz Simandl

Here is what I like about this method:. Further reading and resources: With the imminent publication of the fourth volume of his method I think some of this will be cleared up. I show a bass-pupil the many possibilities of a certain fingering and tell him: Then on to the tune where elements of these technical exercises can be re introduced to solve a particular technical issue within a given solo.

One will help you more than the other and one may hinder you more than the other. Early introduction of these positions makes the thumb positions no scarier than any of the other positions. One of my bass teachers had given me some George Vance books to look through and study.

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