Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from . Domenico Carlo Maria Dragonetti (7 April – 16 April ) was an Italian double bass . “Ever since the publication by Leduc () of [the concerto in A major] there has been a question concerning its true authorship. It is now generally. “The Dragonetti Concerto (secretly by Edouard Nanny) is one of the most popular pieces in the student bassist’s repertoire. It’s a fun romp across the positions.

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He was offered another position to the Tsar of Russia, which he declined after the procurators of St Mark increased his salary to an exceptional 50 ducats. Palmer Clarendon Press Oxford seems to offer the most plausible account. By the way go here if you have some difficulties: By the way, if we compare Malaric’s revision of the original one with the Stefano Sciascia’s performance As remuneration for renouncing the offers and remaining as principal bassist with the orchestra of the Ducal Chapel drabonetti St Mark’s in Venice an orchestra of considerable importancea decree made in gave Dragonetti a financial gratuity.

He was soon noticed by Doretti, a violinist and composer of ball music, who took him along for public performance in Venice.

So, the motives could be very different.

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Today, many of his letters, personal papers, compositions, solos and manuscripts are to be found in the British Library. On that second trip he became friends with composer Simon Sechterwho would become the court organist inand professor of composition at the Vienna Conservatorium in Dragonetti and Lindley English period. Surely IMC is very power or has been so.

On that first trip to Vienna, Dragonetti also met Beethoven in a famous encounter. He wrote piano accompaniments cohcerto some of his concert pieces, and they maintained a lifelong correspondence. It’s not only my opinion but also important musicologies have noted something wrong.


I have told you that the first in absolute in all over the world to record the original one has been Stefano SCIASCIA thanks to a microfilm and adding only two horns and two bassons.

One of his concertos was particularly remarked by the queen of Naples. In his remains were moved to the Roman Catholic cemetery at Wembley. He had huge hands with strong, broad fingers, which allowed him to play with a taller bridge and strings twice as far from the fingerboard as the other bassists.

Some were directly bequeathed by Dragonetti, some were offered by Vincent Novelloand some were bought at auctions. Beethoven and he soon met and they were mutually pleased with each other.

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He was an avid collector, and did indeed collect dolls, sometimes taking one along on trips to amuse the children, of whom he was very fond. There isn’t this day, sorry! Ok, now we analize another point of you. This page was last edited on 8 Augustat Views Read Edit View history. He never did learn to speak English, expressing himself in a mixture of Italian, English, French and Venetian dialect, but was an astute businessman, and in fact, helped his surviving family in Venice financially.

He soon became the principal bassist. Many years afterwards Dragonetti related the following anecdote to Samuel Appleby, Esq. It’s on the market as you can see and the marvellous Doblinger has in his main catalogue also another version one with strings. In example don’t play every G on the fourth string: He began playing the guitar and the double bass by himself on his father’s instruments. A hand endowed with five fingers so long, big and agile, that all five, including the bent thumb, go up and down the fingerboard each playing a note.

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He left Venice on 16 Septemberpartly under the influence of his friend, Giovanni Battista Cimador who composed a concerto for double bassand participated in the first rehearsals at the King’s Theatre, on 20 Dragoneyti and finally appeared as orchestra member in the opera Zenobia in Palmiraby Giovanni Paisielloon 20 December By the way pay attention!!

Palmer doesn’t kill me for copyright!!! Questo sito utilizza i cookie.

Contrabbasso di viola da Gamba. The unlucky contrabassists of orchestras had frequent occasions during the next few years dragondtti know that this new revelation of the powers and possibilities of their instrument to Beethoven was not forgotten.

At fourteen he was appointed principal double bass player in the Grand Opera Seria at the San Benedetto theatre. Later he became intimate with the Prince Consort and the Duke of Leinster.


Berenzi, who suggests that the instrument may have been made for the monks of St Peter’s, Vicenza, by Gasparo da Salo, and acquired by the procurators of St Mark’s to entice Dragonetti to remain in their employ. Beethoven played his part, with his eyes immovably fixed upon his companion, and, in the finale, where the arpeggios occur, was so delighted and excited that at the close he sprang up and threw his arms conderto both player and instrument”.

Let’s see the 12 waltz, the other complete musics. It was particularly important at a time when the role of the double bass in the orchestra was to assist the concertmaster in maintaining the cohesion and establishing the tempo. He is also remembered today for the Dragonetti bowwhich he evolved throughout his life.

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