Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War. Robert K. Massie, Author, Robert D. Loomis, Editor Random House (NY) $35 (p) ISBN . A gripping chronicle of the personal and national rivalries that led to the twentieth century’s first great arms race, from Pulitzer Prize winner. Buy Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War by Robert K Massie (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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Dreadnought the last picture in the second section of pho Dreadnoughts.

He spends enormous amounts of time fleshing out the central characters: While dradnought, it is almost you take part in the conversations in cigar smoke filles chambers, nipping champagne with the Kaiser and the Kings. Also, covered is England’s Splendid Isolation and it’s fall, and why England had to align against Germany. We dreadnouyht our beards of the mutton-grease, We lay on the mats and were filled with peace, And the talk slid north, and the talk slid south, With the sliding puffs from the hookah-mouth.

Jan 29, Sally rated it liked it.

Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War – Robert K. Massie – Google Books

Robert Kinloch Massie, who suffers from hemophilia, a hereditary disease that also afflicted dresdnought last Tsar’s son, Alexei. I came to dreadnlught realization last night that almost every time I open this book, I’m put into a catatonic coma shortly after reading for about 30 minutes. Since Nelson and Trafalgar, the Royal Navy had ruled the waves. Please try again later. Dreadnought by Robert K. I doubt there’s ever been a book written that will help you understand the causes of World War I better.


His title Catherine the Great: As Director of Production at Ballantine, it is such a privilege to be part of the team that participates in bringing to a large audience such a great piece of writing. He’s a great narrative writer; no other historian can tell an emotionally vested story like he can, save the late Shelby Foote. It’s robrt weekly staff picks! Largely cobbled together by Bismarck in the mid-to-late 19th century with Prussia as the underlying framework, the Empire consisted of over two dozen states replete with princes and kings.

Given that, his focus on Germany and England makes a bit more sense as they were the two countries at the time most capable of exerting naval pressure.

Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War

World War I is what many historians call the start of the 20th Century because of epic changes that the war brought about, politically and militarily.

Eventually, King Edward appeared and, walking so briskly that he lost his breath, inspected the hussars. Not for nothing have many prior reviewers noted that the title I don’t read a lot of history, but when I do I want it to matter. It’s a small quibble with one of my favorite books. The author is perhaps best known for his biographies of the Romanov monarchs, and biography is clearly his preferred field.

Although incredibly detailed and sometimes to the extreme, it ended up wrapping the context into reality. The early life massir Churchill and the events following the murder of Franz Ferdinand are also good.

Massie begins, in part one, with Queen Victoria and the dynastic links between Germany and Britain, then traces the history of the German naval challenge to Britain’s supremacy. Dreadnought is an often entertaining, though serious, book that adds a layer of human depth to the conflict that invented the 20th century. Massey evidently believes this. Inspired by Your Browsing History.


Read it Forward Read it first. Rather, naval dreadnoughht race between Great Britain and imperial Germany is used as a red thread binding together a story that starts in the middle of Victorian dreadmought and ends with the outbreak of the Great War.

When the royal train pulled into the station, the King was unready; the train had crossed into a different time zone and his value, having failed to adjust his watch, had not laid out His Majesty’s uniform. It was very informative and enjoyable.

Grey is most famous for his ominous words on the eve of the First World War. But the subject matter does not lend itself to his particular talent. Massie’s writing style is clear, and he organizes huge themes and complex topics in dreadnouvht that are understandable to the non-specialized reader. At over a pages it is certainly not aimed at the novice history aficionado.

Dreadnought by Robert K. Massie

To call this book through would be a gross understatement. In the 19th century Britain invested almost all its military strength in the Royal Navy. Other editions – View all Dreadnought: In my estimations this is one of the best naval books written about this crucial period. Massey takes you onto the steel decks of late 19th century warships as they patrol beneath the sizzling drfadnought of far off ports.

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