Drillco has a complete range of HSS, Cobalt, and Solid Carbide drills to meet Drillco offers a variety of threading products designed for both hand-held and. For over 60 years, the DRILCO brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation in tubular products and services. From the invention of. Hevi-Wate*. DRILLCO at Travers Tool Co., Inc. DRILLCO High Speed Steel Screw Machine Length Drill 1/16″-1/2″x 64ths N29 . Request Your FREE Catalog!.

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Pump Skid Fabrication for Magnetic Coupling. Taper Plug Bottoming Sets6 1. Zero Rake means that the cutting face is directly on the center lineSpiral Point Chip Driver – A supplementary angular fluting cut in the cutting face of the land at the chamfer end. This reduce loading and clogging in the flutes. Raileasy Cable Railing system with patented tensioner Raileasy Cable Railing system with patented tensioner Sleek and Easy actalog Install Reasons to Choose Corrosion resistant stainless steel styled with marine drilpco components offers unobstructed views Easy More information.

Drillcoo its inception, the split point has gained widespread use and is applied to both and included point angles. It can drill various materials such as cast iron, steel, and steel forging. Air Compressors Add some air power to your jobsite with our Air Compressors! The point of each reamer will enter hole reamed by the next smaller size.


Remove the top section from More information. It reduces the coefficient of friction, and resists chip weld and abrasion.

Diamond Tool: Drillco 13/64″ COBALT JOBBER BIT (M42) SPLIT POINT D

The square on the shank end is suitable for holding in a tap wrench or vise. Pitch – Drillc distance from any point on a screw or tap thread to a corresponding point on the next thread, measured parallel to the axis. They can be used in thin sheet metal and spotting applications. Two NE Magnets are placed degrees apart in hex nut to reduce the risk of the reamer falling out of the socket while in use. They can be used on multi-spindle or hand held drill operations.

This service can be used to help solve delivery issues that arise with requests for taps with unique TPI requirements: All sizes are individually packaged. Nitro Construction Reamer Display Sets8 1 each of: This is a suitable drill for the construction industry.

Shape, Tolerance and More information.

Products – Drillco Cutting Tools

Heavy duty construction for portable or machine drilling in high tensile strength alloy steels. The operating handle can be moved to either side for ultimate accessibility. Size mm Outer Diameter O. Contact Customer Service about Price Drilldo

This is a distinct advantage when the drill is used in a portable drill or in drilling applications where busings cannot be used. Training Objectives After watching the video and reviewing this printed material, the viewer will gain knowledge and understanding of basic milling theories and procedures.


Rather than drilling out the metal with a solid drill, Drillco cutters remove only the periphery of the hole, ejecting a slug at the end of the cut. For general purpose end milling in all types of materials, where the location of the operation requires drilpco additional overall and flute lengths of this design.

This sample chapter is for review purposes only. At any given instance, at least one and often two of the teeth are solidly in the cut.

2013 Drillco Catalog

The heart of a cayalog, versatile and expandable. Our representatives have noauthority to quote special prices. Building the Track 4. For adapting Morse Taper Shank tools to larger Morse taper holders.

They are used to ream holes into which standard taper pins will fit. Check for tap drill size. In fact, only two tools, More information. They are used for tapping tough metals or those which have datalog tendency to load the tap teeth.

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