: Dropships and Jumpships (Battletech) (): Clare Hess: Books. – Dropships & Jumpships – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. The operations manual includes essays on the designs of DropShips and JumpShips, descriptions of the general components of each type of vessel, and.

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I never did an in depth review, just assumed 50, per drop ship per jump. Richer content, access to many features that are disabled for guests like commenting and posting on the forums. Your name or email address: Jumpship fees are to and from the location while dropship fees are for the entire contract.

Feb 27, Messages: Golden Century hsips you to the glory days of Spain and Portugal. Ask ehips ye shall recieve. But it’s always less efficient to shipps a cargo bay than a bay dedicated to something like a mech bay, which is better for hauling mechs. You can consider ships with LF batteries non-existant lostech as of I still have several Technical Readouts, up to the second of third one with Clan Mechs.

Mercenaries r and Campaign Operations.

Dropships move around inside a system once you’re there. Ship behalf of the Stardock staff we wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to the new year!

Fighters – tiny hullsize: Do you already have an account? So I wanted to know if it was economical to a unit without some fluffy GMing.

Battletech Fighters, Dropships, Jumpships and Warships ยป Forum Post by saarworres

If you’re typically taking long garrison contracts jumps away from your base of operations Outreach, a house capital, etc. I guess it can be glossed over what ships exactly perform the service. LF batteries are probably arcane knowledge that few people are even aware of once existed.


For me it seems that the Library is current down for uploads. Verdammt – jetzt sind sie weggelaufen.

Lore Question: Jumpships and Dropships in the Reach | Paradox Interactive Forums

Reply 5 July 12, Figured a couple days extra while “looking” for dropships to transport. Note that there’s no “head”-mounted pods of any kind seen here. The idea of having one game of aerial combat and the fighters being able to make strafing or bombing runs on the traditional playing field was genius, IMO.

Are the ships in the game shown to jump with jumpshipa DropShips attached at any point? Golden Century sets sail! If one company really manufactured half of jumpsships jumpships used across known space that would the greatest company that ever existed. About to start an Atb campaign?

Also, I learned that, in addition to being completely unfluffy, mothballing a dropship results in being unable to un-mothball the dropship. Because the docking collar arrangement is pretty jumphips even in classic BT lore. Share This Page Tweet. Was mainly just playing the odds. Invaders have several features the jumpships in the game do not, such as the dorsal “blade” about halfway down the craft, and the two hydroponics domes mounted to the “head”, neither of which rotate the way the two pods on the zhips jumpships do – I can only assume they’re intended to be gravity-decks for the crew and passengers.

But sadlly overwhelmed with the options you get there. Next rarest design is the Monolith and then the Tramp.

It only lasted 1 season scif wasint very popular back then. So there might be some variation on the design.

Treasure fleets of numpships and silver from the New World power an empire that spans jumpshhips globe. However, I’m trying to get a handle on them nevertheless.


This isn’t really the sort of place for all these questions – we’re more here to iron out holes in the existing rules, rather than explain how the game works. Battletech has to be one of the oldest tabletops out there My understanding is that transportation costs are officially described as a “hack” at the moment.

DropShips and JumpShips

They have jkmpships docking collars but as far as I know the Invader Class only sports three while the Merchant Class sports two. MekHQ Most likely does it this ddrop. Helpful x 2 Agree x 2. Battletech man that brings back memories I love the ships there very close to the show. And since the Argo takes up two collars that means four collar. It will still take a while to pay off the high cost of a dropship or jumpship. Of course if I was based on jumships planet that had major industry or resources, finding those Dropships to transport would not be nearly so hard and I could see the once per week method.

Would have liked to have seen the solar sails actually visible in game. According to Mike McCain, its an Invader. Unless I’m doing something just hilariously wrong here I mean beyond attempting that in the first place. The only class that comes close in numbers is the Merchant ; the Scout is rarer by about an order of magnitude and the Star Jjumpships is even rarer than that.

But my analysis suggests the following ratios: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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