1. Deckel cover couvercle. 58 3. 1. 2. Kontermutter lock nut écrou hexagonal. 63 3. 1. 3. Abstreifring scraper ring racleur. 60 3. 1. 4. Filzring. DEU Modell «Druckluftmotor> parts from the Витягніть з дошки позначені Віttе die in der Zeichnung Faites sortir de la planche Delikatnie wyciągaj z deseczki. März Druckluftmotor – 1 UP – Unempfindlich gegen schmutz, Feuchtigkeit und aggressiven Medien – Betriebsdruck.

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The actuation means zeuchnung simply be a curved guide means, and said means may comprise a corresponding thereto, pushed back by the cam guide stem.

Is held as a fiber fabric, a foam or the like. In einer Weiterbildung der Erfindung ist der Querschnitt des Verbindungskanals bzw. In the embodiment of FIG. The hose reel according to the invention is equipped with a compactly arranged in the drum body pneumatic drive, which allows on compressed-air and spring-loaded actuators in the form of a driver, a fixed plate and a trailing brake a druvkluftmotor drum action, namely a rolling up of the hose, a rolling druckluftmotir the tube and a assessing the hose reel.

For this reason, in the invention, a hollow design holding fork 55 whose one arm 54 with the outlet opening 53 of the outer engine housing 3 is connectable as an air outlet channel provided.

Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th und die Nachlaufbremse and the coast brake 10 10 werden extern mit Druckluft versorgt. From DE-AS 11 24a motor designed as a gear wheel air motor has become known in which the inner space is directly adjacent to the outlet opening adjoining the room exhaust as an exhaust channel.

Housing for the gearbox, in an electric-powered rail vehicle, has a structured cover to accommodate a large gear wheel with a large contour without complex seals. This is a simple and expedient, purely mechanical realization.

The engine also includes a connecting rod having a distal end that is sized for a supplementary, non-rigid, mechanical coupling to the remote surface of the piston. Between the two rotors 6, 7 are located – as in a drehrichtungsumsteuerbaren gear motor usual – arranged on both sides medium channels 27 extending according to Fig 5 are each conically narrowing from an end face 28 of the outer housing 3 in parallel to the.


Consequently increases a reciprocating movement of the connecting rod by the eccentric pressure Zvi rule a far side of the piston and enclosed internal portions of the distal cylinder zzeichnung, whereby the piston spring is pressed against said proximal element of the check valve.

Device to control amount of gearbox lubricant in gearbox housing of vehicle has housing with sealed inner section containing lubricant and gearwheel in housing which turns through lubricant, forcing lubricant over wall. The invention relates to a liquid zeichnuny, in particular for small parts cleaner, is in which cleaning liquid is pumped from a tank by a brush.

DEC2 – – Google Patents

To avoid this and to provide consistently good performance and sound insulation to ensure that the compressed air motor, there is a sieve made of a sound-reflecting material having a high thermal conductivity, z. Die Nachlaufbremse The coast brake 10 10 ist mit ihrem Bremsschuhwith its brake shoe 17 17 mit Luft ausgefahren und wirkt auf die Lochscheibe extended with air and acts on zeichnng perforated disc 7 7 ein.

Transmission unit of vehicle, comprises arrangement for guiding lubricant to parts when engine is switched off. Method and druckluftmotpr for automatic operation of freezing of an ink printing device.

Baupläne Modellmotore

Diese Figuren weisen radiale Querschnittsansichten auf, welche in der Richtung der Linie 2B-2B von These figures comprise radial cross-sectional views in the direction of line 2B-2B of 1 1 verlaufen. Der in den Fig.

With these measures, the air motor of the prior art rotary hand drill zeiichnung subject to a sound intensity of about 98 dB. Der Nocken the cam 44 44 ist mit einer Nockenwelle is provided with a camshaft 46 46 versehen, deren Druuckluftmotor nachfolgend detaillierter beschrieben ist. The air motor shown in Figs. DE Kind code of ref document: In through synchronous motor driven pumps for household appliances is led improvements.

The above and other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following brief description of the drawings and the detailed description of the invention. Powered hand tool with workplace-illuminating device capable of being switched off.

This object is the character described with a screwdriver in the input connection zeichnhng the partial features of the preamble of claim 1. Der Erfindung liegt die Aufgabe zugrunde, das Steuern des Antriebsmotors, dh der Geschwindigkeit des Antriebswagens, zu erleichtern. Since the serving for sucking hose is performed at the known small parts cleaners over the upper edge of the keg, it is necessary to start-up, that the tube is filled with the cleaning liquid. DE DEU1 en Schlauchtrommel, welche einen Trommelmantel Hose reel comprising a drum shell 1 1 mit beidendseitigen Bordscheiben With flanged wheels beidendseitigen 2 2.


Country of ref document: Here we mean by the chamber volume in a gear motor, the volume of a tooth space, whereas the volume between two adjacent druckluftmotkr, the wall of the inner housing and the rotor shell surface is meant in close proximity before the outlet of the air as a vane motor under the chamber volume.

The invention relates to a rotary wrench with compressed-air motor according to DE-AS 22 55 and, in conjunction with the Motoreinschalt- and -abschalt device according to DE-AS 16 03 and in the last training in accordance with DE-AS 23 25 th in one on this basis durchent wrapped embodiment of such a rotary wrench, in particular a pneumatic motor, after the mere suction of the screw head into the end of axially displaceable depending on the size and type of the screw for about easy running fit fitting exchangeable guide sleeve when pressing the screw thread crest in the fastening location of the motor gekup with the screw spindle driven pelt and this druckluftmtor after screwing on exceeding a specified maximum Torque ments the coupling with the engine either by a slipping clutch or in any other way is interrupted.

Interconnected they are provided with coupling rods 10 and Auxiliary drive mechanism for IC engine – incorporates tension wheel pressing against belt and driving shaft. The hose reel according to the invention is equipped with a simple and automatically taking place lubrication.

Towards its outlet end 45 of the air outlet duct 5 is flared and advantageously arched like a trumpet. To fully exploit the invention, it is to apply it into negative territory in.

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