Plyometrics, also known as jump training or plyos, are exercises in which muscles exert . Plyometrics (the shock method) was created by Yuri Verkhoshansky in the late .. McCadam, K., “Russian Training Legend: Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky. Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky has been deemed “The Father of Plyometrics”. His main “ finding” was probably that of the shock method. How did he. This updated manual revisits the work of Verkhoshansky and theory and a summation of Yuri Verkhoshansky’s achievements in the field.

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While the body is dropping, the athlete consciously prepares the muscles for the impact by tensing the muscles.

At this time, takeoff height is increased by a few inches. Plyometrics includes explosive powerful training exercises that are trained to activate the quick response and elastic properties of the major muscles in the body.

Searching for the ways to explain the mechanisms involved in the verkuoshansky delayed training effect, my father turned his attention to the issues of the human adaptation to the intensive physical activity.

What Is Plyometrics?

Applying this idea, it was verified that the use of these new means and methods needed also new forms of training process organization.

Flexibility is required both for injury prevention and to enhance the effect of the stretch shortening cycle. Each had a moderate level of physical preparedness and they never before used the methods of my father.

Shock Method is a particular method of Special Strength Training and has verkhohsansky used by many world record breaking athletes of different countries. It foresees to organize in sequence the training loads which influence the determining factors of such increase.

The essence verlhoshansky the Conjugate-Sequence System consists in utilizing the morpho-functional reconstructions resulting from the stage of adaptation to a certain training work, as the base for increasing or adjusting the training effect of the subsequent training work.

When muscle contraction is sufficiently great, it is able to stop the downward movement very quickly. Gain access verkhoshanskj a wealth of free content to extend your sports training and receive updates on the latest sports training news. For example, to increase the power output of specific take-off movements in jumping and running, several different exercises should be applied, which are verkhoshsnsky to influence each of the factors that determine its performance: I was born in a family dedicated to the sport and grew up on the Track-and-Field stadium, which was just next to where we lived, and where my mother and my father usually worked with their athletes.


Verkhoshansky Site

This responsibility granted me the privilege to not only make grammatical adjustments but also to vekhoshansky content in my own words- a true honor. With there being so many exercises this means you are less likely to get burned out and have a wide range of exercises to choose from.

At that time, his researchers were finalized to find out the best method for evaluating the metabolic factors of sport performance, so my baccalaurean thesis was on the modification of the Margaria-Kalamen Anaerobic Power Test for the bicycle ergometer.

In his studies, Komi used the Drop Dr.yiri as a test model of SSC adapted to study its mechanics and energetics in standardized conditions.

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It was thought, that, in this way, it would be possible to obtain an increase in the maximum strength of legs extension muscles before the athletes would begin to improve their ability to realize the maximum strength in specific explosive take-off movements. Sign up for the Latest News and Offers. It also increases muscular strength and endurance, also increases metabolic rate which increases weight loss and heart rate.

To this day I remember yelling to my wife in the other room because I was so excited to have received a response from the honored professor; let alone be the recipient of his praise and acknowledgement. Stanislav Guk, trainer of many world champions in figure skating on ice. ViktorSaneev, former world record holder in the triple jump.

James Smith Jun 27, In I was student at the Moscow Central Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, where I also began my first scientific research at the Biochemistry department under the influence of Nicolay Volkov, the leading fr.yuri in the field of bioenergetics. I have been a physical preparation coach of the female Italian national basketball team and of the Italian national junior fencing teams.

Training verkhowhansky weights was associated with increasing muscle mass that had a negative influence on speed. In fact, some advanced training methods combine plyometrics and intensive stretching in order to both protect the joint and make it more receptive to the plyometric benefits.

In Honor of Dr Yuri Verkhoshansky / Elite FTS

What did his fellow coaches think of this at the time? It was a rare and odd case in which a scientific achievement had a negative influence on the training practice: These jumps are effective for athletes who execute skills in their sport that do not require explosive type muscular contractions.


Igor Palkin, former world high jump record holder. Of the ten exercises, the single-leg cone hops, box jumps, tuck jumps, and two-legged vetkhoshansky jumps produced the highest EMG values, alluding to greater motor recruitment. The book contains a detailed description of Shock Method and the rules of its application as well as many examples; a verkhoshajsky history of its invention and evolution; the research conducted by the authors on its training effect and the examples of ferkhoshansky training programs using the Shock Method.

In essence, the athlete goes into a slight squat crouch upon landing in which the hip, knee, and ankle joints flex. Deadlift c Dirty dog exercise c Squat c. These training workouts were used concurrently with other training workouts aimed at improving other parameters of the sport performance.

Jumping into plyometrics 2nd ed. Retrieved 30 April dryuri Without verkjoshansky it is not possible to perform the jumps on ice, characterized by a high flight height. How did this discovery spread into athletics and sports? Energy dr.uri the reverse action is given back when the muscle and especially the tendon, undergo shortening to enable the action to occur. Only obstacles of ignorance in academia prevented him from gaining his full deserved credit. This book made me realize how much I had forgotten or overlooked and believed that modernization would produce more effective material.

Meanwhile in the United States Fred Wilt, a track coach, observed the Russians executing these exercises and labeled it plyometrics. The strong eccentric contraction prepares the muscles to switch to the concentric contraction in an explosive manner for takeoff. Many of these researches are well made and their authors also give high-level information about the practical meaning of the results obtained. Another major highlight of my personal and professional life came when Dr. As a result, my PhD dissertation was dedicated to applying the Block Training System for increasing the speed of tennis displacements.

Plyometrics the shock method was created by Yuri Verkhoshansky in the late s, early s.

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