the installation manual of the arbitration shall be English. 7. This manual provides installation and programming information for the SCW(D)(G)(I) and . PGPGPG – Smoke Detector W Heat – Installation Manual – Eng . . DSC Touch – Install Manual – Eng – R Index of /manuals/DSC/Intrusion Panels/SCW – SCW SCW v Installation · SCW – SCW v User Manual

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Section [] Keypad Function Key Programming The five function keys can be reprogrammed with following functions. Enter the time and date using the following format [HH: FSA – installation manual – English.

Regulatory Approvals Information Australia This product meets the Safety, Telecom and other applicable technical standards set by ACMA and is able to be connected to the telephone net- work. Power Power PC v1.

PGM output activates if a Telephone Line trouble condition is present.

Index Programming Worksheets Section 7: The Account Code can be 4 or 6 hexadecimal digits in length, All reporting codes must programmibg 2 digits in length. Wireless Device Enrollment – See Section 2 of this manual. Install Manual – Polish – PC The loop response time will be 36 mS.


DSC – Installation Manuals

No Product ulc installation information r GS Installation Manual Swedish. Guide d’installation – SCW – V1. By continue to navigate through this site or by clicking Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our.

Programming Description – PC v1.

PowerSeries Self-Contained Wireless Alarm System

Page 37 Section 8: Press the [ ] key to reset the keypad if an error has been made entering user codes or keypad commands. Wireless Module Placement Test Enter Section [] followed by the 2-digit number of the wireless zone to test. GS Installation Manual Dutch. Function Keys [ ][6] — User Functions Press [ ][6] followed by the Master Code, then press the number corresponding to the following functions or scroll to the desired option, then press [ ddc.

Page 43 Section 8: Power Power PC v2. Programming Work Sheets 7. Page 42 transmitting to the central station.

This publication covers the following model s: PGM output activates if a Failure to Communicate trouble condition is present. Advanced Programming This section provides the information programmkng to program all required features for a basic system as well as common applications.


As you type, results will change.

If the alarm is acknowledged during the time delay by pressing a keythe alarm will be silenced for 90 seconds and then the cycle is repeated. Chime Disabled for Zone Openings.

Program Time and Date: When an alarm is detected on a zone with the Cross Zone attribute enableda timer is started. Hardwired Zone 34 enabled. Chime Enabled for Zone Closings. When the [A] key is pressed and held, the keypad will generate a [A]ux key alarm.

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