Title: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Author: SYED MUHAMMAD JAWED, Name: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Length: 48 pages, Page: 1. Dua e Nudba is one of the most famous dua, usually Shia Muslims recite this supplication on Friday mornings before the sunrise lamenting Imam al-Mahdi (a).

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Where is he who shall stamp out corruption, vice, reaction and injustice? You spoke to another one from a tree directly.

My father, my mother, and I turn to you for protection and sanctuary. I eagerly long for you who is the root of praise and distinction, never can be uprooted. O son of the guiding and well-guided ones! O Son of the brilliant fulfillers! So Thou just as chose him master of Whosoever Thou created, made him whom Thou Selectedpure, clean and the best, exalted and praised him whom Thou electedsurpassed in generosity and liberality while bestowing high-mindedness and beneficence upon him whom Thou took in confidence and relied upon ; made him leader-in-chief of all thy Prophets, and sent him to the troubled world of men and jinn, among Thy servants, lowered and humbled before him the Easts and the Wests, under his total control was brought all affairs, exalted his soul in Thy heavens gave over to him the knowledge of what took place and what will happen, concerning facts and operation of creation.

O the Mightiest Almighty. You took another one as Your intimate friend. At the time when he was made a warner and a guide for every people, said he the Holy Prophettheir Guide, in a public meeting overflowing with people; “Of Whomsoever I am the Mawlaa Lord, Master Ali is his Mawlaa.


And please bless him with such blessings whose number is infinite. He thus exterminated the villains of the Arabs. The Highest High came near and received him gladly.

He gives it in inheritance to whomever of His servants that He wishes. Is there a helper with whom I may cooperate and take pains? And, through him too, make our sustenance expanded for us. That which is given to each of them as reward of good deeds is the best recompense, since the earth belongs to Allah, and He gives it for an inheritance to whom He wants from among His servants, and the good end is for the God-fearing wise; glory to our Lord!

Where are the authorities of the religion. Where are the brilliant stars? Where is the one expected to restore to life the Book and its provisions?

Where is the one shattering the arms of the aggressors? Where is the “preserved guaranty” who shall give new life to rule of law and refined way of life? Good, pleasant and satisfying? May my soul be ransom for you; for you are the wish of an eager.

The son of Ali Al-Murtaza! O inheritor of the convincing proofs! How long shall we keep waiting for your pleasing satisfying essence and quality? May my soul be ransom for you; for you are unparalleled center of bounties. It is painful for me what took place for you from them and that which had happened. The narrow-minded obstinate “ummah” did not care for and had ill-feelings towards him. Where has farness taken you? Where is the investigator of the blood of the Martyrs of Karbalaa?


Fell down on the ground in prostration Thy Angels before them, Thou chose them to reveal Thy Words, gave them Thy wisdom as a gift, set them up as the only medium to reach Thee, the only means to the eternal land nuvba peace and happiness. Where is the one terminating the insolent defiant and persistent rebels?

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth – video dailymotion

O He Who, from the “Arsh directs and controls all creation, trnslation unto Him is the return, final and ultimate. Is there a faint twinkle of evidence to make me willingly take up the trouble? It is hard for me that ordeals encompass you, not me. Where are the children of Husayn? Allah shall never fail to fulfill His promise.

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth

O inheritor of the genuine evidence! Where is the one severing the ropes of fabrication and forgery? You bore another one on in Your Ark.

Where is he who shall trim the outgrowth of despair, longing and hardships? O son of superabundant bounties! For the like of them, let tears be shed. When he passed away. You also settle my debts. One was spoken directly through transation Tree, his brother was appointed his successor and helper. They are my neighbors therein. Where is the one demolishing the edifices nudbaa polytheism and hypocrisy?

Where is the one reunifying the dispersed parts of uprightness and contentment?

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