The book Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications, Louis Dumont is published by University of Chicago Press. Documents Similar To _Louis Dumont – Homo Aequalis(1).pdf. Philippe Corcuff as Novas Sociologias. Uploaded by. Julia Coelho ยท DUMONT Homo Aequalis. Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications. 3. Homo aequalis . Dumont’s Homo Hierarchicus (), to some extent, revived the interest in.

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The major theme of this review can be anticipated thus: From power to authority Hierarchy and separation are two basic aspects of opposition between purity and impurity, and hence of the caste system. Biography and Contribution to World Sociology. History of Ideas This is true in India and anywhere else.

You might also like. This development ultimately freed economics from the constrains of both morality and politics. No, because there is also the people, who think of themselves, in contrast to others, as a sovereign state.

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Homo aequalis – Louis Dumont – Google Books

Concomitants and Implications Importance of marriage Of course, the field worker translates not a text or an archive, but a life form.


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The fruit of this pedagogic-cum-research endeavour was his magnum opus, Homo Hierarchicus in French, ; in English,which is the most widely discussed work on the subject, translated into many languages but not yet into any Indian language. An Interview with Bruno Latour. Castes and ourselves 2. This edition includes a lengthy new Preface in which Dumont reviews the academic discussion inspired by Homo Hierarchicus and answers his critics.

From France to Germany and Back develops this theme. Duont purity and impurity opposition highlighted aewualis Dumont is also not universal. A Nation of Neighborhoods Benjamin Looker. Dumont advocated the use of an Indological and structuralist approach to the study of caste system and village social structure in India.

From System to Structure: Dumont wrote many articles and books on sociology in India. It is a matter of meaning and of comprehension, not of causality.

Berreman asserts that the power status opposition is a false dichotomy in the context of caste. Some critics have even suggested that merely emphasizing this contrast revealed a vague nostalgia for old hierarchical forms of social life. This is a complete, theoretical work that helps us to aequxlis the vast body of available ethnographic data on caste.


But the meaning of this distinction is not always well understood, as can be seen for example when readers think they detect an anti-modern prejudice in his thinking. Dumont began his academic career in the mids under the guidance of Marcel Mauss, dmuont sociologist and Sanskritist.

Perhaps it will be objected here that these views are archaic, because democracy as we understand it means accepting disagreement and conflict, while the obsession aeqkalis unity in the Jacobin manner, for example reflects an authoritarian concept of citizenship.

Further reading References La Tarasque: A year later, inhe succeeded M.

Homo aequalis

World War II interrupted his studies, but not entirely. Dumont highlights temporary and permanent impurity. Notes on contact and untouchability The Germans exterminate the Jews Is representative democracy really democratic?

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