Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Duncton Wood is the title of the first novel by . Download the The Duncton Chronicles audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Get the Audible Audio. This series of six novels was published over a thirteen years, starting with Duncton Wood in It’s a story of spiritual quest, with all the trials and triumphs of.

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It is a lovely story for one who enjoys traditional tales of good versus evil and lush, poetic narrative. This book is the first of nine, although I believe only the first trilogy is available in the US.

I love the contact and interaction such Masterclasses well, mine anyway! Links related to Duncton Wood on WilliamHorwood. Only by putting his trust in the ancient Stone, forgotten symbol of a great spiritual past, can he find the strength to challenge Mandrake’s darkness.

Despite being the biggest, and the strongest, he has to destroy any rivals, and religion is a big rival to any dictator, and put himself to replace this. Oct 24, Dan rated it really liked it. Charles – in many ways The Stonor Eagles was a precursor of my fictionalized memoir The Boy with No Shoes, which couldn’t have been written without Stonor. The ruthless war against the Stone has almost been won by disciples of the Word – only wild Siabod and mysterious Beechenhill still hold out, and everywhere the followers of the Stone go in peril of their lives.

Maybe they’re not as good as I remember or perhaps I just wasn’t quite ready to settle down for an six-book epic series about moles and religion! If you’re considering reading it, DO NOT be put off by the idea of it being about moles, within pages you will be hooked.

Rewards This book has been published and you can buy Unbound’s limited edition below. Unlike man, they have created an almost utopian society witho Mark Carroll wrote a musical based on Duncton Wood.


The Duncton Chronicles

A solitary young mole, Bracken, is thrown into leading the fight to fr My advice has always been: I think Duncton Wood may not have the reach or readership that many of the “Animals-as-Characters” stories have enjoyed because, to my knowledge, it never Mass-market dropped in the U. I would rate the books up there with Lord of the rings, Dune, the dark materials trilogy and watership down.

Thank you too for the pledge wod Duncton Wood de Luxe which I’m thrilled so many are already supporting. Under the ruthless leadership of Henbane of Whern, the grikes have taken over moledom. A solitary young mole, Bracken, is thrown into leading the fight to free Duncton Wood.

Duncton Wood –

This isn’t necessarily a criticism, just an observation. For example, he frequently switches in a future omniscient voice to emphasize the importance of dunctob even he is about to describe or just has described.

Feb 22, Mary Lowd rated woox really liked it. Even then, as time starts to wood, the past does become more and more of a distant memory, though we are much more able to record those memories than the past. Duncton Quest and Duncton Found depict a religious conflict between The Stone and an opposing crusading order known as The Word.

Free with day trial. Think Lord of the Rings with moles. Retrieved through ProQuest, February 25, As the tagline on the book suggests, this is “A clash of good and evil in the savage kingdom of moles.

The fact that the characters are moles adds to the quality for me. To ask other readers questions about Duncton Woodplease sign up.

I would probably read this novel differently now than when I first read it, but my rating reflects my memory of Horwood’s book as a life-changing experience. It is at times as dark as it is uplifting.

Updated December 10, Thank you for your lovely review – Lee Fantasy Book Review Rune, Rebecca’s litter, Mandrake’s birth, the marsh, Skeat, the plague.

Duncton Wood by William Horwood

Up close and personal! The length could have been cut by a third and the novel probably would have been better. The research that William Horwood conducted in the writing of Duncton Wood must have been extensive, as there appears to be no guesswork and every single line wpod chapter rings true.


View all 3 comments. At the time of their birth, the system is being overthrown and then led by two evil moles – As the tagline on the book suggests, this is “A clash of good wooc evil in the savage kingdom of moles.

Duncton Wood is my favourite book. In this book, it took the form attaching the word “mole” to everything. To say a big a thank-you to the early subscribers who have pushed the Duncton Wood deluxe edition forward so fast — and to offer an incentive to the many readers woov are about to subscribe – I’ve arranged for all of you to get a free copy of the DUNCTON WOOD ebook by Canelo.

Also, any plans to make them into full-length films? It is really more of an epic than a novel, spanning many dunctno and more than a mole’s lifetime, which, dunfton, is about five human years. I recently purchased the other five books in the Duncton series. As well as speaking, they worship the Stone, they scribe books and they have the capacity to love.

It’s life, nature, faith, courage, fear, weakness, greed, power, everything to do with being human, I could not recommend it highly enough, read it now. Susan from Hull Beautiful is exactly the right word for this cuncton. These parts of the book made me feel deeply uncomfortable and lead me to believe I would never want to re-read, however entertaining other parts of the book are.

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