Spells: A duskblade casts arcane spells, which are drawn from the duskblade spell list on page Duskblade spells unique to this book appear on a spell list. 18 items Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Duskblade level 1 spells. More spell Player’s Handbook II · Supplementals (). The Duskblade’s spell list is stealthily hiding on p. 24 of Players Handbook 2, after the sample starting package. The 0th level spells are listed.

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Index of Spells by Class – Duskblade

On top of that, the range is really crappy. The subject can make itself understood as far as its voice carries. Yes harmless The subject becomes more agile. Enter by level 7 is good, so the awkward requirements are actually not as awkward, but you do have to take essentially a dump feat.

Tumble — Usable if you can swap Ride class skill for this as a class skill. This is, of spel, assuming you slogged your spel to level 13 for full-round channeling.

You could also do serious AoE damage with a reach oist while surrounded without this attack, though, if you maintain your BAB. Results 1 to 10 duskblsde By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. As I had mentioned in some other threads, one of the leaders of the bad guys is a duskblade that has been a long-time party nemesis way back from when the PCs were 4th level and the duskblade was 6th – this duskblade has dropped a PC in each encounter though, two of the three times, the PC was saved and a couple of major NPC allies as well.


This enhancement bonus stacks with the shield’s shield bonus, but not with other enhancement bonuses from other magical effects, or from magically enchanted shields.

Coats weapon with poison. Sand Shaper — In order to enter this class, you need 8 ranks in knowledge local in order to take a Touchstone feat. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! You get Inspiration Points equal to your INT mod, and you can use them to give yourself a competence bonus equal to INT mod on attack rolls, lust rolls, or saving throws.

Subject gains a fly speed of 60 ft.

I may be slightly biased. No You enclose yourself in a shield of elemental energy that does not harm you. The attack is made using the duakblade full base attack bonus, plus any modifiers appropriate to the situation. Flow of Battle Ex: In effect, you lose access to the old spell in exchange for gaining the new one. I decided to multiclass into wizard to get it.

Index of Spells by Class – Duskblade

Any spell you cast that deals damage of the same elemental type that you have chosen for your shield deals oist extra 1 point of damage per damage die, or per caster level, whichever applies, for so long as the shield remains.

At midrange levels of straight Duskblade builds, you can get better mileage. A duskblade’s caster level is equivalent to his class level. Also, your damage goes down.


They also have a huge number of skill points at level 1 to get you started on your knowledge skills. Sidestep MH28 — There are too many prereqs. The amount of information and level duskbladr detail you managed to fit in is impressive and much appreciated.

Martial Study ToB31 — A decent situational feat if used well dhskblade the build, as it gives you a class skill from the discipline permanentlyand any maneuver you have the IL to support. The Guisarme is arguably the best martial reach weapon, as it deals consistent 2d4 damage with slashing, the ability to trip, and they are cheap to boot. This still uses up their spells per day as though they had cast the spell normally, however, llst are not restricted from actions until their next turn, unlike a normal casting of the spell.

The subject floats downward 60 feet per round for 1d6 rounds. After using this spell, you can’t take any other actions until your next turn. I thought spontaneous casters needed to take a full round action to empower? Also, the class skill list is pretty slim, so if you want to invest in cross-class, it can be costly. Otherwise, useful for early level novas. A threat range of 20 becomesa threat range of becomesand a threat range of becomes

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