e-marketing et e-commerce Broché – 1 décembre Pascal Lannoo Corinne Ankri VUIBERT Noël. Pascal Lannoo et Corinne Ankri sont consultants en e-commerce, e- merchandising et e-marketing, thématiques pour lesquelles ils interviennent en France et à. E-marketing et e-commerce (Book): Lannoo, Pascal. Lannoo, Pascal. Book – | French | 3e éd. ill. ; 24 cm. Additional Contributors: Ankri, Corinne.

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To avoid invading the lives of consumers through commercials advertising, the alternative of this disadvantage proposed by the panel of students was to limit the numbers of e-mails sends weekly to customers in order not to tire of their brands. Today, to attract the most customers as possible, clothing companies develop marketing strategies on websites where users are very active. However, facing the changes of the technological corinnd and consumer behavior, brands tend to no longer communicate traditionally as before.

To proceed further, this step is necessary where I research on relevant information in order to elaborate a good plan with good ideas to introduce inside.

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Nekobee E-marketing, Available at http: Moreover, by taking over the space Web of advertising, the e-marketing of brands sometimes may tend to be perceived by users as intrusive to their privacy and have the opposite effect by causing a disappointment from the. Therefore by appearing first in the list of the search engine, it will allow to brands will attract easily users who will be able to see and access the webpage of the clothing brands in the first page quickly.

Indeed, brands benefits of these opportunities to send their reductions at the right time because these kinds of events are increasingly viewed as commercial events. Evaluation of news models of E-marketing: Those are many potential customers to capture, so brands are currently active on the social networking trend.

How could cutting edge E-Marketing help increase the customer based of the ready to wear industry? The user enters the site, choose one garment, turn on his web camera and launch the program of initial scanning:. To encourage customers to consume and to be attracted with new prospects, companies should not overlook this new means of communication. In fact, with the emergence of new means of communication, traditional marketing is gradually not being used for businesses.

Plan methodology of the report: Thus, majority pacal information of this report are secondary sources. Ey, consumers buy clothes to meet an initial need that is dress up. Thus, corinnee customer will permit to attract other customers for the brand because a client satisfied has tend to talk around him which will make a good advertisement for the brand and make more chance to increase the number of news clients.


After researching on several benefits that provide E-marketing, two articles on this subject were essential to the dt of this subpart. After that, once the garment is produced, it will be shipped to the doorstep of the customer.

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It was much relevant information to collect and analyze in order to introduce into my report and make something interesting. It will include a simple sentence in order to let customers want to participate in this suggestion. In fact, by taking again the example of the e-mailing and after a survey cf: Analyses of all information gathered previously were allowed to develop a plan logically structured with important points of analysis of E-marketing illustrated from examples towards the ready to wear industry.

Print screen of my inbox showing promotions. Thus, a brand can have global reach and all thanks to its presence on the internet such as e-shop and social networks, which allows firms to find new market without having to survey places in pasacl particular country. Anki, when E-marketing is not properly used, it has e-cmomerce disadvantages which can have negative repercussions on the image brand.

Therefore, in order to attract customers, there are several points to be discussed throughout this report which are brands apparel and ways to how the cutting edge of E-marketing help increase the customer based of the ready to wear industry.

However, I think that a good e-marketing strategy will not perceive directly as commercial from views of consumers but like a marketing which can improve their lives as we had gone through the new model.

Thus, this support has helped Internet users around the world to watch it. This image is only one example of recent promotions I receive daily.

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However, companies will have to pay a certain amount in order to 19 Reference After this phase of research of analyzing all the information funded my plan was created and the relevant ideas were organized. For example, television s-commerce a medium for large companies and multinationals that share broadcasting time.

This, these media explained the communication e-commere knowing a great success today such as; social networks Facebook and Twittersharing platforms Youtube and Dailymotione-mailing, marketing via smartphones and types of advertisements circulating on the internet. Certainly, today social networks are numerous on the internet… … but the two most famous and appreciate of the users and brands are: Through this powerful marketing tool, brands can also share their new collection through photo albums to incite the users to acquire styles by visiting the link e-markeing their online store if there is one or simply by going directly to the nearest outlet.


Then, the site of personal fashion stylist of a brand will permit consumers to have a good e-karketing style even its through the internet. This will be well perceived by consumers who will have the ability to buy without feeling forced, that is why a good model is vital for the ready to wear industry.

What do you think of our brand? To try this new passcal, the user will have to go on a computer, go to the website and launch the program with an attached web camera.

Indeed, this new model will solve the problem of consumers who do not have time to visit stores to choose the model of clothing and pose for their measurement by a professional. Pawcal the different clothing style that offer the various brands on the market is not always easy to adopt the perfect dress style. Online stores have revolutionized the world of commerce but also marketing.

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In fact, this will increase the number of sales of the brand thanks to the users who will want to renew their wardrobe for a night out to please to the person they meet on the internet. Print screen of La Redoute online store. Disadvantages and the alternatives of the E-marketing. Mailing, pop-up banners, social networking sites and blogs are one of the good examples for e-marketing. However, if they are so numerous, how brands er to attract users to their sites?

The question is clear and easily understandable but however, for some people who know nothing of this field, the first section of the report defines the main.

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