Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Louis Bromfield. Editorial Reviews. Review. Truly lovely. Gillian Flynn –The New York Times Early Autumn – Kindle edition by Louis Bromfield. Download it once and read it on. A Bromfield Galaxy: The Green Bay Tree, Early Autumn, A Good Woman [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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His daily visits with his wife are not performed out of love as everyone assumes but out of a desire to divert attention from his affair with Mrs.

Early Autumn by Louis Bromfield

There are unwelcome changes to the neighborhood and to the lives of the Pentlands, coming in the form of Sabine Callender, sister of Anson, who pouis the black sheep of the family, returning to Pentlands after a scandalous 20 year absence and in Michael O Hara, a self-made Irishman who has risen to wealth and political prominence–but who is definitely not socially acceptable.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I wanted a home. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The dialogue was absolutely sparkling. Cassie is a fussy, moralistic, snobbish old maid who sticks her nose into everybody’s business and who is firmly determined to see that the Pentlands uphold the “old ways.

When I was halfway through the novel, I realized that there had only been two events that seemed to have any effect on the plot at a Jacob picked this up from the library to read for himself, but I commandeered it for the weekend. If it were just I highlighted many passages and could relate to many of Olivia’s thoughts and emotions despite the nearly 90 years which have elapsed since the writing of this book. And how wrong this can sometimes be.

Bromfield focuses his story on a rich, Puritan New England family, the Pentlands. His prose drifts, ephemeral, insubstantial–just like the lives of the Pentlands. A fascinating study on the atumn of one woman to escape the stifling influence of her husband and in-laws. This was not the case here. Sabine Callendar grew up in the Pentland family, conforming to all of their rigid rules regarding proper social behavior, but she fled in her mids. Also, for some reason, many descriptions and ideas are repeated numerous times, which slows down the ajtumn.


She is cared for by a nurse, Miss Egan. Olivia and Sabine both step up their plans to get what they want out of life. It became a trap. How can you say such things?

Usually, I like historic romances but this was totally boring. Bromfield takes a close look at the Pentlands- a fictional rich family in New England- exposing the hypocrisy and ignorance behind their luxurious facade.

I appreciated that I could get to know the characters well and understand the themes before jumping autmn with two feet.

Early Autumn, by Louis Bromfield « Following Pulitzer

She married into the Pentland family; a family with a storied history reaching back for generations, a family so obsessed with the importance of their name that everything they do is to further that name and protect it from scandal, a family of old-fashioned values whose time may be coming to an end.

Notify me of new comments via email. Refresh and try again. Bromfield’s eloquence when describing both his characters and their surroundings is breathtaking, and his accuracy in describing the characters’ complicated emotions makes it apparent that he knows human nature very well. He bromfielx the Pulitzer Prize in for this book, and it was easy for me to see how this book was the winner. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The other young people escape, in the sense that the daughter elopes with her lover, a young man of no social standing. Bromfield is very good at a lot of things, which makes the book a really excellent reading experience. Yet Bromfield’s characterization was wonderful and I enjoyed them. I’ve been in love before, casually, the way young Frenchmen are This is the story of a wealthy New England family who can trace their family back to Revolutionary times and all of the drama and skeletons in their closet.


The writing and the story flowed effortlessly for me and I felt that in Olivia the author created a character who felt very real and timeless. Although I felt that the beginning of the book was a tad slow, it soon grabbed my interest completely and I couldn’t put it down.

Pulitzer Prize for Novel Among the main characters, the most important is Olivia Pentland, a tragic figure that at the same time inspires admiration, compassion, respect and melancholy, as she stands as the Last of the Mohicans, the sole representative of a family with a long tradition, which the protagonist rejects and embraces at once. It delves into the themes of love, bbromfield, hypocrisy and honor. Every morning, John Pentland visits her and speaks with her despite her insanity.

I feel a little ill at ease, having just put the book down.

Early Autumn

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Autumh is a stereotype, brofield a well-drawn stereotype. The old Congregational church the Pentlands long favored has disbanded as more and more WASPs have left Durham, replaced by immigrant Roman Catholics with very different religious customs. He won the Pulitzer Prize for best novel for Early Autumn. He can’t help it. The Barretts of Wimpole Street, or something.

The ending was weak, and the moral was dissatisfying and murky. And secondly, to me, it seemed that there really wasn’t much of story here. After Howard’s End, I think I should switch up my reading preferences for a while.

Ye I really liked this book.

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