On the Chalukyas of the Vengi kingdom of the 7th to 10th cent. Social and cultural life of the eastern Chalukyas of Vengi. Front Cover. Ramamurty. [A.P.] Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Oriental Research Institute – History – The Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi. Front Cover. N. Ramesan. Andhra Pradesh Sahithya Akademi, – Andhra Pradesh (India) – 63 pages.

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The king was not an absolute autocrat and was assisted by a council of ministers in the business of general administration.

The rule of the Vemulavada Chalukyas coincided with that of the Rashtrakutas. Contemporaries to the Eastern Chalukyas were the Eastern Gangas in the northeast and the Pallavas in the south. During the tenure of the later Chalukyas, a newchapterbegan in the history of the Telugus. This page was last changed on 19 Augustat They divided their territory into administrative divisions like Rstra, Vishaya and Kottams for administrative convenience.

Since the time of Gunaga Vijayaditya, inscriptions show Telugu stanzas, culminating in the production of literary works. He won victories over Boya Kotams with the help of his Brahmin general Panduranga.

The population in the Vengi country was heterogeneous in character.

Role of Chalukyas of Vengi and its Polity During Post-Gupta Period

The Karmarashtra and the Boya-Kottams are examples of these. Though they were originally of Kannada stock, they patronised Telugu and gave fillip to it. History and culture of the Eastern Chalukyan period could be constructed with the help of nearly a hundred copper plates and a number of lithic records found in different parts of Andhradesa.


In the meanwhile, the Rashtrakutas of Malkhed ousted Chalukyas of Badami. Vishnuvardhana extended his dominions up to Srikakulam in the north and Nellore in the south.

Andhra Pradesh Sahithya Akademi. The Gangas ruled with their capital in Andhra for nearly five centuries, until it was shifted to Cuttack at the end of the 11th century AD The early Eastern Gangas were ruling a small territory in Srikakulam district in the Telugu land.

Between andchaalukyas other minor kingdoms ruled over parts of Andhra Pradesh accepting the authority of the Velanati Cholas. Before his death in AD he lost his throne and regained it by fighting with the Chalukyas of Kalyani and ultimately he became an ally of the Chalukyas of Kalyani.

Eastern Chalukyas

Originally, the capital of the Eastern Chalukyas was located at the Vengi city modern Pedavegi near Eluru. Later Vishnuvardhana become the founder of the Eastern Chalukya empire Sastripp. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Western Chalukya king Satyashraya tried to amalgamate the two dynasties, but was not successful due to the constant battles with the Paramaras and the Cholas.


The Mahasena temple at Chebrolu became famous for its annual Jatrawhich chalulyas a procession of the deity’s idol from Chebrolu to Vijayawada and back.

He appointed his brother Kubja Vishnuvardhana as the governor of the new territory in CE.

Ramesanpp. Since the time of the Eastern Chalukya Gunaga Vijayaditya, inscriptions show Telugu prose and poetry, culminating in the production of literary works. Vengi was part of kingdom of Later Cholas during the 12th century.

Classical Telugu literature owes its origin to the Eastern Chalukyan patronage. He was followed by Mangi Yuvaraja Vijayaditya, who ruled for a period of 25 years from AD to Jainism lingered on, and an appreciable section of the people paid homage to the Tirthankaras. Then followed a period of unrest characterised by family feuds and weak rulers. He had the title Gunakenallata The lover of excellence or virtue.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Eastern Chalukya kingdom is shown on the eastern coast. The Manneyas are also occasionally referred in inscriptions.

Temples were built which played an important role in the religious life of the people and the temples of Siva at Chalukya Bhimavaram and Draksharama are among them.

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