BEKEM & WOODY 7A & 3B RNAV ARRS (OVERLAY) D. BATTY 5A & LNO 4A RNAV ARRS (OVERLAY) E. ARVOL & TULNI 7A & 7B RNAV ARRS. VFR Chart of EBBR. IFR Chart of EBBR. Location Information for EBBR. Coordinates: N50°’ / E4°’ View all Airports in Vlaanderen. Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart Appendix 1: Taxiways/ Aircraft Stand Taxi Lanes and Holding Aerodrome Chart Appendix 1: Runway Marking Aids.

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Engine test runs are only allowed between and and Once de-icing is complete, pilot requests actual start-up activation of flight plan and push-back. When the pilot receives from the guidance system a wrong type of aircraft, a wrong flight number, an ERR-message, an ESTOP emergency stop message or if the display becomes unreadable, the aircraft must be stopped immediatelycontact GND and ask for a marshaller and hold position.

France or Germanythe authorization numbers delivered by the coordinator for each airport shall be filled in, in item 18 as per the format below: Pilots shall use the ICAO format for aircraft identification, as entered in item 7 of the flight plan form e.

Bridge is not in good position. Any undue track variation in relation to the LOC axis or any equipment malfunctioning shall be reported to ATC immediately, together with any decision to perform a missed approach.


Brussels National – EBBR | IVAO BeLux Region

These database entries are suggestions only and should be checked by a professional database coder before entry into an active database. It is therefore emphasized that pilots shall adhere to these routes as closely as performance permits.

Airport distance calculator From:. We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the charrts flight simulation community.

De-icing on apron 9 is not allowed; De-icing on apron 9 can exceptionally be granted when aircraft is not allocated to a de-icing platform; For departures from RWY 01 or RWY 07R de-icing platform M and stand see AD 2. If rerouting is not possible, ATC will clear the aircraft chharts vehicle to cross a lit stopbar, stating the reason why the stopbar remains lit in each individual clearance.

Brussels National – EBBR

WDI location and lighting. Aerodrome category for fire fighting.

It should be deselected after vacating the runway. In case of de-icing on standpilot requests taxi to stand and no start-up clearance movement to stand Pilots unable to accept should advise ATC duly in advance. Any clearance modification will be made via ccharts Brussels Delivery voice frequency.

When line-up to PSN 2: This data transfer enables highly accurate early predictions of landing and departure times. When arriving at parking positions on remote stands or on stands where no guidance system is installed, pilots shall not enter the stand unless a marshaller is present for guidance.

ATS unit call sign. Helicopters with wheel-type landing gear proceeding to and from the FATO shall ground taxi to and from the parking area. Aircraft has gone past the stop position.


It is good practise for ATC to check with the pilot if he can enbr C6 and pilots are encouraged to report when not capable for C6 as soon as possible. Aircraft Operators shall communicate known or expected delays to their Handling Agent and the Airport Partners well in advance.

Furthermore, this allows for more accurate and efficient calculation of the CTOT due to the use of local target take-off times.

Aircraft requiring full length for departure shall advise GND at the latest when requesting taxi clearance. The authorization number is that given by the coordinator when allocating the airport time slot. This is to be able to use full runway length.

Operators intending to use the airport should ensure that Mode S transponders are able to operate when their aircraft are on the ground. Following flights are exempted from coordination, but should be reported to the airport coordinator as far in advance as possible:. Guidance to these positions by marshallers may still be requested from GND. To set this process in motion again, the TOBT shall be filed anew.

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