Düzdağ, Fetvalar Düzdağ, M. Ertuğrul. Şeyhülislâm Ebussuud Efendi Fetvaları Ișığında Asır Türk Hayatı. Istanbul: Enderun Kitabevi, Evliya, Narratives . Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Tuncay BÜLBÜL and others published Muhibbî’nin “Gibi” Redifli Gazeline Ebussuûd Efendi’nin. (İstanbul: Kubbealtı Neşriyat, ); Ma’rûzât: Şeyhülislâm Ebussuûd Efendi, haz . ; Tahsin Özcan, Fetvalar Işığında Osmanlı Esnafı (İstanbul: Kitabevi.

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Most of the muftis were selected among madrasa professors of the region or among those who had the necessary qualifications for issuing fatwas. It is clear from his life story that this departure put him on a more hardline stance on certain Sufi beliefs and practices than his predecessors.

It seems that in most of the cases, flogging, the fixed penalty hadd of the sharia for wine-drinking requiring eighty lashes, is not offered at first. Orthodox Christians and Ottoman authority in late-seventeenth century Crete. The taxonomy of the texts according to the dates of death of the authors reveals the following results: According to the seventeenth-century travelers, the churches of the city were not in good condition and were few in number.

In the third chapter, I turn my attention to legal history and deal with the authoritative texts that Vani uses in answering the questions posed to him.

Any pious Muslim scholar who obtained the fetvxlar religious knowledge could issue fatwas without any ties to the political authorities. Another fatwa seems to be channeled by non-Muslims with the intention that they wanted to rebuild the ruined part of their church.

Şeyhülislâm Ebussuûd Efendi ve fetvâları (Book, ) []

Please enter the message. Since the existing studies have presented a single framework for the development of provincial muftiship and have not examined the geographic, administrative and cultural differences, it is not an easy task to determine the identity of the kenar muftis and to follow the variations in provincial muftiship both in time and space.


Third, while judges deal only with issues of conflict between individuals or between individuals and the state, muftis can be asked about issues ranging from proper ablution practices to the fundamentals of faith to the interpretation of obscure passages in jurisprudential texts — issues that would never be adjudicated in a court.

Tarih Efendk, 23, Concerning its origin, there are various suggestions, which indicates that it came from India or Iran or Central Asia. Consider, for example, ebussuyd following fatwa: Before proceeding to the analysis of the fatwas, let me introduce an interesting event which occurred in while Vani was still in Erzurum. The aim of this part is twofold: But the fatwa does not include any detail concerning the activities of magicians.

Şeyhülislâm Ebussuûd Efendi ve fetvâları

Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those of you who are in authority 4: He replied that their houses should be burned down.

Your list has reached the maximum number of items. The owner takes them. American Historical Review, 5 The ruler and law making in the Ottoman Empire.

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The Prophet of God, peace be upon him, ordered the killing of dogs. The E-mail message field is required. The ebjssuud of Bukhara-Transoxiana region in the list is a sign of the historical development of Hanafi madhhab in the sense that by the end of the ninth century the Hanafi madhhab spread over the region and the Hanafites were encouraged in their scholarly activities by the ruling elites and, thus, made a significant contribution to the development of the doctrine.

He has surveyed close to fatwa collections and adds that there are approximately fatwa collections that are mentioned in the catalogues but the authors of which are not known.

Seyhülislâm Ebussuud Efendi fetvaları ışığında 16. asır Türk hayatı

Can we speak of a common pattern in the legal tradition of which Ottoman muftis were part and representative? The case of the land rent. Divinatory magic, exorcism of demons, spells and the summoning of spirits into bodily form are examples of black magic.


In the collection, Vani reports a fatwa concerning the fees of the muftis. A mukallid, who was a follower of the beliefs of the efenndi of his madhhab and his predecessors, and eftvalar not engage in independent reasoning, was accepted as a legitimate mufti due to the exigencies of reality.

If he does not repent, then the ruling authority has four options: Brill, ; R. But, fetvalsr is clear from the collection that the number of dogs and their damage to the people caused unrest in Erzurum around the mid-seventeenth century.

International Journal of Turkish Studies, 16, Mehmet Yalar and Celil Kiraz Bursa: Fdtvalar Encyclopedia of Islam, Second Edition, 3, Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: At this point, he mentions some of the respected works and refers to them while dealing with the controversial issues in the treatise.

Preview this item Preview this item. Naqshbandis in the Fftvalar World, Albany: Religious authority can assume a number of forms and functions; the ability chance, power, or right to define correct belief and practice, or orthodoxy and orthopraxy, respectively; to shape and influence the views and conduct of others accordingly; to identify, marginalize, punish or exclude deviance, heresy and apostasy and their agents and advocates…Religious authority can be ascribed to individuals, groups of people, or institutions.

Archivum Ottomanicum, 27, The first part aims to provide a contextual background for the second part. My heartfelt thanks are due to my wife for her great patience and constant support as well as her remarkable efforts in taking care of our son Yusuf.

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