EC DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING SYLLABUS | ANNA UNIVERSITY BE ECE 7TH SEMESTER SYLLABUS REGULATION Anna University, Chennai Department Of ELECTRICAL AND COMMUNICATION engineering Subject Code: E Subject Name: EC To introduce the student to various image processing techniques. OBJECTIVES. · To study the image fundamentals and mathematical transforms necessary for.

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Fullerenes – types of nanotubes — formation of nanotubes — 9 w. To introduce basic concepts of distributed data bases and distributed operating systems.

Taylor series method — Euler method for first order equation — w w wFourth order Runge — Kutta method for solving first and second order equations — Multistep methods: Evans and William M.

To understand the different kind of losses, signal distortion in optical wave guides and other signal degradation factors. The numerical differentiation and integration find application when the function in the analytical form is too complicated or the huge amounts of data are given such as series of measurements, observations or some other empirical information. To highlight the features of different technologies involved in High Speed Networking jjii pp and their performance.


Castleman, Digital Image Processing, Pearson, Log In Sign Up. To learn fiber slicing and connectors, noise effects on system performance, operational principles WDM and solutions. Microcontroller based systems design Design of microcontroller based system for simple applications like security systems combination lock.

Jacob, Power Electronics, Thomson Learning, Wade Trappe and Lawrence C.


Microwave junctions – w w. Sampling speech 9 signals, basics of quantization, delta modulation, and Differential PCM – Auditory perception: Mode Characteristics of Fibers 3. Click here to sign up. Isolator and Circulator — S – parameter measurement w w w w 6.


To study Microwave sources and amplifiers. Design optimization of SM fibers, RI profile and cut-off wave length. Senior — Pearson Education — Second w w Edition. Mechanism of speech production, Acoustic phonetics – Digital models for speech signals – Representations of speech waveform: John Paul Shen, Mikko H. To have an introduction to distributed operating system. Numerical Aperture Determination for Fibers 6.

Dynamic time warping, K-means clusering and Vector quantization, Gaussian mixture modeling, hidden Markov modeling – Automatic Speech Recognition: Fiber Syllahus Analog and Digital Link 5. Gunn Diode — Characteristics e jjiinn p 3. Reflex Klystron — Mode characteristics aa p 2. The methods introduced in the solution of ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations will be useful in attempting any engineering problem.


Design of Wireless data modem. Radiation Pattern of Antennas. Details- functions of vertical pulse train- Scanning sequence details. ec20229

Digital Image Processing – Syllabus | EC | uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited

Psuedo-random Sequence Generator Carr and John M. Various wireless network systems and standards are to be introduced. Types of nanotechnology and nanomachines — periodic table — atomic structure — molecules and phases — energy — molecular and atomic size — mm ef2029 and dimensional space — top down and bottom up; Molecular Nanotechnology:

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