The Family Corleone,” by Ed Falco, tells the story of Vito Corleone’s bloody rise to power, in a prequel to “The Godfather.”. The Family Corleone Author Ed Falco Country United States Language English Genre Crime Publisher Grand Central Publishing Publication Date May 8, Luca is one of the major players in The Family Corleone, the new Godfather prequel Ed Falco assembled from material left behind by Puzo.

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Apparently Mario Puzo wrote this as a screenplay, which Falco then turned into this novel.

The Family Corleone

The book had me guessing and constantly thinking without seize. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The other children are either too young or are in school getting educated. I know the way I see it is likely different than how it really was, but it’s a nice picture. Daleko je od duboke karakterizacije koju nam je doneo Puzo. Jul 04, J. The backstory created for Luca Brasi is as tragic as they can be, and a powerful one. Inthe nation was changing from a prohibition era that created many opportunities for criminals to peddle illegal liquor at a high profit.

The Family Corleone – Wikipedia

With the cost of ffalco making these days, this novel is just not one that will stand the test of time. I’m giving it the benefit of th The entire Corleone Family is here: This page was last edited on 25 Julyat For the suffering after he ingested enough pills to kill a Cohoes Mastodon? It is the prequel to Puzo’s The Godfather. Remember, these are not your loving and kindly meek people.


Vito is in NY and anyone who has done any nonfiction reading on the mafia knows that he would be answering to the likes of Luciano, Lansky and Costello and not Al Capone. And when I was reading it on public corloene, I nearly missed my stop more than once, if that tells you anything. The characters had life on them. View all 5 comments.

Why would Mariposa allow the rumor that one of his men killed Jimmy Gibson just so he could “keep his thumb” on the Irish? Visual yes but not a visual approach in the sense of a novel where we are taken through the tense emotions and regrets or pleasure such an event would cause. This is an excellent adult book from start to finish and seems to kindle once again how the five families in New York evolved into the Mafia.

The story was taken from an actual screenplay set down by Mario Puzo, so we know it has some authenticity. Luca and his exploits get a large amount of focus in the first half of the book.

If you can do that, it should be an entertaining read. You also can learn a little bit of italian in this novel and you also learn that family is really important. I was hesitant to corlwone the notion of another writer trying to carry on Mario Puzo’s work and constantly found myself looking for weakness in Falco’s writing, characterization, and flow.

As a novel, the There many different ways to try and review this novel but I suppose the easiest way is the way that Paramount approached it when they launched the lawsuit against the Puzo estate For Vito Corleonenothing is more important than his family’s future. Some other characters in the book would be Luca Brasi, he is a key role in the novel because the Corleone boys have business with this man.


It falls at neither end of the spectrum people were anticipating. Vito is here, in this familg, but if you read this before Godfather, you would not be impressed by him. Stick to writing about Italians. Mario Puzo, Ed Falco is not.

The Family Corleone by Edward Falco

Also, it tells of Sonny Corleone ‘s inauguration into the family business and Tom Hagen ‘s graduation from being an adopted member of the Corleone family before becoming the consigliere.

Once I read a few chapters I sat back and realized that I should read this more as just another mafia novel than a novel about the Corleone family.

Or does he come clean about his criminal ways to his father, join “the family” and marry the nice Italian girl who is in love with him? The same for Luca Famiy while there was no physical description of him in The Godfather, there is one of him in this book, and the corlelne fits the actor that played him in The Godfather only too well. While his younges New York, Why didn’t Sonny offer money to Eileen for the death of her brother, when he knew Cork was innocent and had to kill him anyway, to save face?

A bad keypoint to this book would be that it adds more characters as you go and it adds more and more corleon the story.

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