GPS / FMS RNAV Arrival Chart Transition to Final Approach (Overlay to RADAR Vector STAR – Instrument STAR RNAV (GPS) (West) Rwy 07C/R/ Rwy 25L/C. Frankfurt/Main – EDDF Surface. Elevation. Approach. RWY 07C (°). x 60 m ( x ft). Beton. ft STAR RNAV 25/07 from South and East. Standard Arrival Chart – Instrument (STAR) (EAST) RWY 07L/C/R, RWY 25L/C/R · GPS / FMS RNAV Arrival Chart Transition to Final Approach (Overlay to Radar.

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So back to my question: Well,wether or not you will actually fly a transistion online also very much depends on the respective controller.

Airport Directory – Plates – EDDF – FRANKFURT MAIN | RocketRoute

By Islam Hani – Tue Nov 15, 8: Classified, Want, Swap Ads. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

I don’t know how busy OKV is but there’s an outside chance if you approach the powers that be, ie airport manager, right you might wrangle a way to the tower just to see how the approaches are generally done there. Sign In Sign Up.


Your teminology is wrong. Siehe blaue Markierung im folgenden Abschnitt.

Climb on runway track to D4. Again, I might be talking out of my backside, hopefully someone with the right knowledge could tell us both LOL. Register a new account.

Also, the charts on vacc-sag.

If your aircraft is equipped with any kind of FMC that uses navdata updates from www. And for once, Jomo, PLEASE aid read the above conversation before you start commenting on that it is a personal attack and idk what. At EDDF they use transitions see transition to final approach chart.

STAR and TRANSition ? – MS FSX | FSX-SE Forum – The AVSIM Community

By Islam Hani – Tue Nov 15, 7: Feel edrf to ask any further questions. But under normal circumstances you will get the RNAV transition or vectors. Posted April 23, See blue marker in the following section.

Thanks for the helpful information with this particular plate, as it’s close to home If you look at the chart you will see a box explaining the 2 different types of clearances for this procedure. The minute I think I know too much, I’m invoking an adage from my pilot friend above: By Islam Hani – Mon Nov 14, 5: In that case the speed restrictions on the chart are void. And yes, Jomo is highly unrealistic, and his way of controlling only creates more confusion if you ask me, ie: The devil is in the details B.


Then you can compare it to the chart and really put everything in place. By Islam Hani – Mon Nov 14, 6: Ger asked a question, and it was answered, and it had nothing to do with you.

Already have an account? Ernie, thanks for the great explanation. Posted April 21, stag You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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