Edoardo Sanguineti’s letter to Luciano Berio of November 8 [], Esposizione, Traces and Laborintus II indeed share a type of distorted reflection of. Vic Hoyland on Laborintus II by Berio. Berio sent a postcard to Edoardo Sanguineti his friend and Dante scholar (at Via Vespucci, 25, Torino – 7 June ’62). Discover Edoardo Sanguineti & Luciano Berio’s track Laborintus 2. Complete your Edoardo Sanguineti & Luciano Berio record collection. Shop new and used .

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Luciano Berio: Laborintus II

A RAI video fragment of was shown during the conference see supra in the text. This forecast, however, had no positive result: The instrumental parts are developed mainly as an extension of the vocal actions of singers and speakers, and the short section of electronic music is conceived as an extension of the instrumental actions.

Eric Verberdt Concept and Executive Producer: All quotations here and elsewhere in the text are in their original language. A mimed tale for mezzo-soprano, 8 actors, ballet and orchestra was performed on September 21, at the XXII International Music Festival of the Venice Biennale please note that some catalogues erroneously carry the date of the 23rd.

Ricerca Search this site: In none of the studies previously dedicated to Laborintus II is there mentioned the existence of this first version consisting of two scores.


Fragmenten van Ezra Pound doen er nog een schepje bovenop, rond hetzelfde thema. Diagram of the scenic evolution of Traces. A sample of Patton’s narration over the free-form orchestral composition. I am a great believer in virtuosity: For sophisticated listeners one can however achieve subtleties of this type: On vocal parts, for example, it is known that some dancers had parts entrusted to them by Berio.

Its connection to Esposizione is beyond doubt, even a reuse of it for Laborintus II cannot be ruled out. From the criticisms one perceives the difficult reception that this work had at the Biennale.

Laborintus II (with Mike Patton) | Ictus

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is with these words that induring a lecture at Harvard, Berio drew a comparison between Passaggio and Laborintus II: Bizarrement, le jazz sera toujours signal de malheur: Le trajet initiatique est accompli.

He seized upon the most distinctive aspect of the musical approach and invented a “musical language” that nudged musicians, singers and actors towards the fertile pastures of uncharted territories. Retrieved August 15, C — e il fuoco!

Laborintus II programme notes – Squares Circles Labyrinths – Productions – Home

De Hel in moderne versie: Conducted by Georges-Elie Octors, this live performance of Laborintus at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam was narrated by another sangyineti in experimental music, esteemed vocalist Mike Patton, best known as lead singer of American post-punk band Faith No More.


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Het koor keert voor de tweede keer terug naar de oorsprong. In the lines dedicated to the second project, Duo, one of the central themes developed in Traces is clearly recognized: Lighting controlled what the audience might or might not be able to see at any moment.

In the absence of reliable documentary statements, the reasons for this important graphic and editorial afterthought can remain only hypothetical. Laborijtus word “silence” conjures up the word “music. Also cited in T.

Laborintus II (with Mike Patton)

The first part of the composition features the three female voices creating a “mournful” tone while the orchestra plays recurring musical passages.

Het Kwaad doet zijn intrede in de geschiedenis: The performance was recorded live at the Holland Festival. Sign up for our newsletter! However, far from being mere verbal or virtuosic vocal expression, it draws on his seemingly innate Italian gift for a dynamic sense of theatre. And the children sleeping

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