Steven Eisman is an American businessman and investor During a speech entitled “Subprime Goes to College” during the Ira Sohn Conference in May Eisman attacked companies. In a speech titled “Subprime Goes to College,” delivered Wednesday at the Ira Sohn Investment Research Conference, Eisman blasted the. One of those managers was Steven Eisman of FrontPoint Partners Steven Eisman & FrontPoint Partners entitled, ‘Subprime Goes to College’.

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Let me quote a bit from a former employee of Bridgepoint Education, operators of Ashford University:. But from she became assistant secretary of post-secondary education for the Department of Education under President Bush. Newer Post Older Post Home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With billboards lining the poorest neighborhoods in America and recruiters trolling casinos and homeless shelters and I mean that literallythe for-profits have become increasingly adept at pitching subprimf dream of a better life and higher cillege to the most vulnerable of society.

The allegations stem from a meeting that Eisman had with Department of Education officials David Bergeron and Robert Shireman, two weeks before delivering his speech go the Ira Sohn Conference. And now, Eisman has joined the mix with his negative view too. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Trending Now on NYPost. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This is similar to the subprime mortgage sector in that the subprime originators bore far less risk than the investors in their mortgage paper.

Subprime Goes to College. Bridgepoint took that school online and at the end of it had 54, students.

Once the floodgates were opened, the industry embarked on 10 years of unrestricted massive growth. The New York Times.


For-profit colleges fighting back hard

You may be familiar with him as he was profiled as one of the successful subprime traders in Michael Lewis’ book, The Big Short. After offering testimony to Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee on problems with for-profit higher education, Eisman was criticized by progressive groups such as Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Eiisman on the grounds that he stood to profit from proposed regulations due to his short goe against private colleges. He has been married to Valerie Feigen since If a person has money available for school Ashford finds a way to go after them.

Stocks That Matter Most t It was like watching a train wreck with no ability to stop it. Too formula maximizes the amount of Title IV loans and grants that these students receive.

Upon nearing completion, the students learned that not only would their credits not transfer to any community or four-year college, but also that their degree is not recognized by the American Association for Medical Assistants.

You can download a. For more great ideas from hedge fund managers, head to our aggregation of notes from the Ira Sohn Investment Conference and be sure toes also check out our hedge zubprime portfolio tracking series. News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor.

Investor Steve Eisman RAILS On For-Profit Colleges | HuffPost

But accreditation bodies are non-governmental, non-profit peer-reviewing groups. Shireman was in charge of the department’s efforts to toughen regulations on for-profit colleges. And here is where the subprime analogy becomes very clear. Betting against subprime mortgages during the Financial Crisis. Major for-profit educators include.

They also go after GI Bill money and currently have separate teams set up to specifically target military students. He was busy making speeches that every American should take out an Collegge mortgage loan. Eisman grew up in New York City, where he attended Yeshiva schools. Eisman thinks he has identified the next ‘subprime’ so to speak and gave a presentation at the Ira Sohn Conference entitled, “Subprime Goes to College.


Subprime goes to college

Disclaimer The content provided within this website is property of MarketFolly. In many instances, the for-profit institutions sit on the boards of the accrediting body. That said, we’ve also noted that some of these managers have had a recent change of heart.

So what is the government going to do? And the days of raising tuition would be over; in many cases, tuition will go down.

Investor Steve Eisman RAILS On For-Profit Colleges

In the past 10 years, the for-profit education industry has grown times the historical rate of traditional post secondary education. Gainful employment will cause enrollment levels to grow less quickly.

In a sense, these companies are marketing machines masquerading as universities.

His general thesis focuses on two factors: The rest went yo marketing and paying executives. There is no regard to whether a student really belongs in school, the goal is to fo as many as possible. Washington clamping down on the industry and a rise in employment generating a decline in enrollment.

One example is Sally Stroup. After a discussion period, the rules will be issued in November and go into effect summer View author archive Get author RSS feed.

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