YOKOGAWA EJAA, EJAA Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters EJAA/HAC general specifications · EJAA and EJAA User’s Manual. Yokogawa Dpharp vigilantplant EJAA Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yokogawa Dpharp vigilantplant EJAA User Manual. Jun 9, Regarding This Manual. • This manual should be provided to the end user. • The contents of this manual are subject to change without prior.

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Fluoro-rubber O-ring All O-rings of amplifier housing.

Please give your attention to the followings. Security code settings 3. Lower limit of ambient temperature: Differential pressure transmitters, which serve as the core of field instrumentation, are widely used to measure the flow rate, pressure and density of liquids, gases and steam, as well as the level of liquid in a tank.

Up to 5 items such as inspection date, inspector, and other information can be saved in these fields. Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications, linear or square root programmable. Zero point adjustment Adjusts zero point.


Yokogawa EJAA In-Line Mount Gauge Pressure Transmitter, Pressure : Instronline

Normally, only non-conductive pollution occurs. Standard specifications OK key. Changing the lower range value results in the higher range value changing auto-matically, keeping the span constant. If such modification is absolutely required, contact Yokogawa. Check LRV and modify manuap needed.

Set the correction value, 1. This is the panel for confirming set data. If the transmitter was ordered without the mounting bracket, the transmitter mounting hardware is not included. Zero adjustment is completed. H Type of Equipment: Apply a non-hardening sealant to the threads for waterproofing.

Press the SET D Is impulse piping to high pressure and low pressure side correct?

However, this will generate a transient disturbance in the pressure measurement, and therefore it is necessary to position the taps and route the impulse piping so that any extraneous liquid or gas generated in the leadlines returns naturally to the process piping. The following 5 displays are available for integral indicators. Reverses the direction for 4 to 20 mA DC output relative to input. See Chapter 8 for BT operation. If a pressure source and a manometer are combined: Item Description Amplifier cover only Amplifier cover and terminal cover, Munsell 7.


Add 3 and 4. Refer to Subsection 8.

Bt Operation Precautions Bracket for zero-adjustment screw pin Zero-adjustment screw pin Cover Mounting screw F Enter the present actual level, SET J The output signal being zero-adjusted is decreasing. Wetted parts material S.

EJA530A In-Line Mount Gauge Pressure Transmitter (DISCONTINUED)

However, other changes in the display settings scale range and engineering unit for the integral indicator requires BT Displays high or low range Check input and display manhal value.

Liquid and Gas Group of Fluid: Note 1 4 Turn the external zero-adjustment screw in the desired direction.

Cenelec Atex kema Certification Setting Calibration Range Unit C Manuap it is not, the zeroadjustment mechanism will be damaged. Follow the domestic electrical requirements as regulated in each country.

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